gelita hydrolyzed collagen – soy peptone

Pure collagen.[japan gelatin]Original title: Video Liaoning Show The first domestic aircraft carrier: Join us, fight side by side, the Liaoning ship released the latest propaganda video, I look forward to the second aircraft carrier in China to join the Navy battle sequence! And played in the end “Add to us•=◁, fight side by side soy peptone gelita hydrolyzed collagen where do bovine collagen peptides come from marine collagen peptides vs bovine collagen!”▷□◆…. Editor in charge: Huo △●★●.

Original title▲=: Li Jian Guo○▼▼=: Developing an Inspection Law is to sum up the partys 18th National Congress of anti-corruption practice, providing a strong rule of law in the new situation to provide strong rule of law protection•▪■•, the 13th National Peoples Congress•◇, a meeting, held on the 13th in the Great Hall of the People●▼. The fourth plenary meeting, listened to the statement of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress on the draft monitoring law, and listened to the statement of the State Councils reform program for the State Council•-△■, the draft decision on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congresss special committee, and the Conference on the 13th National National The Director of the Director of the Peoples Congress●•, the voting method of the deputy director□-, the selection of the Committee, voting the 13th National Peoples Congress Constitution and the Legal Committee, Director of the Finance and Economic Commission, deputy director■☆○-, and the committee to choose two draft draft. The following is a live record: Li Jiangu◆◇.

Original title: Representative of Zhang Bo Li: The Chinese medicine production line should also target the industrial 4.0 reporter of the reporter▷▽. “After more than 20 years of the implementation of the modern Chinese medicine modernization, the ancient Chinese medicine glow out of the boom, now, with the help of big data•○, artificial intelligence and other emerging technology It will make more people will benefit more. “Toping the topic of intelligent Chinese medicine, the National Peoples Congress, Zhang Bo Li, Dean of China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has an excitement of a new research field gate▪▪. Zhang Bo Li is a practitioner and promoter of Chinese medicine modernization in my country□……▽. He introduced the road, the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine promoted the integration of Chinese medicine pharmacy and modern science and technology△=▲★, produced major social benefits and economic benefits. Data show that the national Chinese medicine industrial output is about 900 billion yuan, accounting for about 1/3 of my countrys bio-pharmaceutical industrial output value, and will bri•☆★▪.

A few days ago, Hebei Zhangjiakou City Huailai County and Beijing University of Science and Technology have a deeper exchange of opinions and agree on the issues of joint concern about project land, overall planning layout•□▼. As Zhang Jiakou docked Beijing window counties, bridgehead■■, quality industry and priority synchronization introduction was becoming a new idea, new initiative to promote the deployment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development Strategy●◁. It is understood that Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, is specifically including national defense technology innovation centers○○■◁, military and civilian integration technology innovation centers■▪, future education centers, scientific and technological achievements incubation centers, and five sections of Yijiyuan will be built in special energy, smart ammunition▼◆▷. High-level talent training base and scientific research base, microelectronics=◇, electric vehicles, network space safety, artificial intelligence, drone, etc.★○☆, and become relevant scientific and technological achievement◇◁.