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Pure collagen.[bovine gelatin powder]Original title: The actress and the captain on August 5th■…★▪, the actress Zhang Xin was announced in Weibo and took a marriage certificate. She said in Weibo△•○-. “I am a person who is a person, this way to fall, I found a lot of places to learn to learn. I have thought about if I marry, I must not be born◆▷◆○, not because of each other. The condition is suitable, only one reason: marry him▽◇•, marry love. △▽○”Weibo distributed two wedding photos and marriage certificates…◁◁▼. “Government” (WeChat ID▽★: xjbzse) noticed that Zhang Xinyus husband is a military warrior△▲■○, named He Jie, is the captain of the two teams of the Armed Police Guangdong Team Secretary▲●▷▲, the captain. Zhang Xinyu, became the ▲▽▪”Military Swong▲□”▪★, and a few days ago-◁=□, on the August 1st Junior Festival, he also forwarded Weibo as a Chinese soldier★=. According to publ.

The original title is cheap and selling? German media suggestion EU ganglong: Lianmei anti-[observer network comprehensive report] After the US announced the temporary exemption of steel aluminum tariffs on the EU, the German media tasted the sweetness of the sweetness “changed face” and turned the spear head from the United States◇★▪. The EU calls on the EU should join hands with the United States to jointly fight against “Chinas unfair trade”. On the 22nd, the “Frankfurt Report□▼◇” published an article entitled “European and Washington side”▪▲○▽, claiming that Trumps trade protectionism threatens global trade■▪□▲, but Europe must avoid intensive trade disputes with the United States○▪▽○, should be united in Western countries ☆▷, Require China to provide “peer treatment”•◇. ■▲”Frankfurt Report” reports screenshots The great achievements of China “spend 30 years to get 800 million people to get rid of poverty!

China News Agency, Beijing▽●, May 27 (Reporter Liu Ying) As of 2020/2021, 2020/2021, Lenovo Groups turnover broke through 400 billion yuan (RMB=★, the same), net profit near 8 billion yuan More than 70% over the previous fiscal year. Lenovo Group released a financial report and the fourth quarter results: 2020/2021●◁△, the overall turnover of fiscal year is nearly 70 billion yuan in the year, an increase of 19▷…▼△.8% year-on-year, reaching a new milestone of 411•■▲.6 billion yuan•▽★◇; pre-tax profit 12 billion yuan Net profit nearly 8 billion yuan…△▲▼, the year increased by more than 70% year-on-year. Last years epidemic has caused surge in terminal equipment such as PC and tablets•△•..

The Hong Kong SAR Governments “2021 Perfection Electoral System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill” Thursday afternoon, the Hong Kong Legislative Council was adopted, marking the full completion of the Hong Kong Special Eval election system from the central to Hong Kong local legislation. Hong Kong opens a new page of politics. In the past two years▼□-…, Hong Kong has experienced a fierce struggle. Many people probably not expect the Hong Kong situation that will not expect the Hong Kong situation in the future. The struggle results have verified the power of the country and also verify the authority and ability of the central government. Hong Kong is not reforming the legislative revision and institutional reform in the original legal framework by the turmoi soft candy gelatin gelatin pass drug test gelatin coating protocol gelatin flavoring!