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Contacts protein powder industry analysis fish gelatin capsule,[beef gelatin powder halal]Original title▲••◁: The Scholars will be colored The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said that this is because ▼◇”Sichuan” Source: Government knows “The Socket Color▷=☆▲” is the old column of the “two sessions” every year, the political knowledge will take The “two sessions△◇◁” are so nice, good-looking, all pull here, with all the “two sessions”. Today■◁…, some delegations open, come and see what hot topics are the citizens of the secretary responded▼◆▼-? Sound @ 山东 省 书 刘家义 [The government is not a debt is right] The National Peoples Congress representative, Liu Jiayi, secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee●…○▽, said that if the asset debt is not★▽▼▷? Not. He said that the company is not a good thing, the government is the same…△☆▲, not if there is no liability=◁. We must always control the debt in the sa.

Zhongxin Net Guanghan May 28 (Reporter Yue Yitong He 浠) is held by the State Council Information Office★•▪○, the State Cultural Relics Bureau, and the Sichuan Provincial Peoples Government of the Peoples Government◆△■●. Promoting the latest exploration progress of 6 sacrificial pits of Samsung Piles=▽. Up to now, there are nearly 2,000 pieces of important cultural relics such as teeth, bronze, gold, jade, etc★△▪., and nearly 2,000 pieces of abstract cultural relics☆◇●•, etc◆▲▷▼. The 3rd and 4th, the inquiry work has been basically completed▷▲▽, and the next step will discover a number of disclosed bronze; the 5th pit is special▪◁△, the circular gold foil is scattered, the expert wi.

Original title: Shanghai published a list of serious illegal personnel of food and drugs, these 19 people “blacklist” Source: Shanghai released WeChat blessings Shanghai released August 6th news△▽, in order to protect public dietary drug safety, increase the serious violation of food drugs According to the key supervision of production and operators and related responsible persons, the Shanghai Food and Training and Food and Drug Administration included 19 people such as Huang Yihuang in the citys food and drugs==□…, the list of serious violations of law and the relevant responsible persons. The serious illegal production and operation of this announcement, most of the health care products stores, online stores, beauty stores, etc. of the unsuccessful, and have not obtained the “Drug Business License”…●◁•. 1. Huang Yihuang sales fake medicine case, from September 2, 2016, Huang Yihuang did not achieve ★●▷”drug management licen.

Original title☆●◇: ▲=●▪”anti-Korean” ranking: China first, but followed the country a little unexpected .•▲.. According to the “2017 National Han Flow Survey” issued by South Korea International Cultural Exchange, “2017 Foreign Han Flow Survey”, foreigners The consumption of “Korean” cultural products improved well, and at the same time◁▪…●, “dislike Korean•…▪•” mood is also increasing. From October to December last year-▽▪, the Korean International Cultural Exchange Department conducted a questionnaire survey on 7,800 consumers in 16 countries such as US▼…, China○◁, Japan●-, and the United Kingdom. The ★▲”Dense Korean” emotional index was 31%. Among them○■▽, China (49.4%), India (41.3%), Thailand (40.5%) and other countries are more than 40%, France (37.5%) and the United States (35.6%)=▷◇.

Original title▪■: New Delhi from behind the Babas abacus, was broken by De Heland … Iran invites Zhongba to build Chabahar Port, India: •■●○.•■○.□●. The 14th from Pakistans news has made India▼▽▪. One. According to Pakistans ▲…■”Dawn▲▲◁○”…○=-, the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarov has invited China and Pakistan to participate in the construction of CCB Harburg in recent visit to Pakistan, and connect Guadar Port. In December 2017, India and Iran signed an agreement to develop Chabahar Port▽•◇, promised to invest $ 500 million for this. According to the idea of ​​New Delhi★▽○, the port of Chabahar is the new strategic channel in India bypass Pakistan Unicom Afghanistan and Central Asia●••, with the important strategic significance of △◁○★”fighting China▲=■”. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarft ▷△•”Iran has aroused the 外漪 in the Indian diploma.