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[powder halal food grade gelatin]Original title: five departments: Increase a group of educational masters degree authorization points in five years, Xinyang News (Reporter Wang Jun) Recently, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 5 departments issued the “Teacher Education Revitalization Action Plan (2018-2022) It is planned to increase a batch of education masterpiece authorization points, and guide relevant colleges and universities to expand the progress of education. It is planned to propose “Teacher Training Hierarchical Action”, guiding support to the undergraduate major major of teachers☆◇▲, and increase the training of undergraduate teachers in the schools undergraduate level. In accordance with the relevant procedures, a batch of educational masters degree authorization points is added. Guide to encourage relevant colleges and universities to expand the scale of education in education, and make overall support for graduate students from teachers education colleges○★. Support to explore ordinary high school teache•□•!

Original title■=▲: Party Central Committee•…•, the State Council invites excellent expert talent representatives Beidaihe vacation Source: Peoples Daily Writing Struggle New Chapter Jianli Industry New Era – Party Central Committee Thinking of me ◁▪”” This is not only a few years of vacation, but also a rare opportunity for the top academic experts in the fields of new materials, biotechnology▼▪-, etc. “.=★●.. Experts come to Beidai River▲□▪, with the sea to go, Far◆•, there is an infinite emotion in your heart. From August 3 to 8th○▷☆, subject to the Party Central Committee-★, the State Council invited, 62 experts came to the Beidaihe for summer vacation●○◆. Since 2001, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have invited 18 argments to participate in the vacation activities. This was invit.

Original title: This city is fighting: College graduates can receive 1000 yuan subsidies as long as they come to interview protein in food industry collagen power drink what are collagen peptides bovine! A few days ago, in order to attract more foreign talents to Nanjing, Nanjing has developed young college students “Ningju Plan”…▲▲, saying that foreign colleges and universities will come to seek jobs■-•, will enjoy thousands of interview subsidies. So how to get a subsidy? Foreign college graduates come to Nanjing interview to receive 1000 yuan subsidies yesterday●▼▽-, Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued a rules pointed out that in addition○▪, foreign colleges and universities have participated in the enterprise, private non-enterprise units, social group interview, government The one-time subsidy will be issued for 1,000 yuan▼●▼. It takes a certain credential when it is, in addition to holding an ID card, diploma, has to hold the interview unit to cover the unit of the unit or the Ministry of Human Resourc◇▽○.

Original title: The Ministry of Education issued the 2018 postgraduate national line, on March 23, can apply for adjustment in 2018 National Masters Admissions Examination candidates enter the retest of the first test results (academic degree) 2018 National Masters Admissions Exam candidates enter the retest The basic requirements of the initial test (Professional degree) March 16th Ensuring the scientific norms of enrollment••▽, the Ministry of Fair and Justice, which was previously issued, “2018 National Masters Admissions Management Regulations”, the 2018 graduate students enrollment re-test, adju•=▪△.

Original title▷-: Since the 18th National Congress, the first case of corruption, the first case of the death penalty, the Linyi Intermediate Peoples Court Answer on March 28th▷△◁•, the Chinese Peoples Court of Linyi City, Shanxi Province, for the former deputy mayor of the Luliang Peoples Government of Shanxi Province, Zhang Zhongsheng The huge amount of property, the unclear case, the first instance of the case, the defendant Zhang Zhongsheng sentenced to death==•◇, deprived of political rights for life•-, and confiscated all personal property•▽◇▲, with a huge amount of property unknown■◆•◁, sentenced to eight years★▲▽, decided to implement death penalty, deprive Political rights lifetime, and confiscated all personal property◇=••. At the same time, the court is also judging, and the property of Zhang Zhongsheng accepts bribery◇▲, and it will be recovered○■△☆, and the national treasury, insufficient part▼▼, continue to recover. The accused of the same case Li Laijun, Liu Yeheng was also sentenced to the corresponding penalty due to the crime of money laundering●◆. Trial▲◇=…, ?Gelatin capsule cell free protein industry,