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Pectin manufacturer frozen collagen,[hydrolyzed gelatin ingredients]Original title: For five years, see the transcript author of the National Peoples Congress, Wang Ji Xi, in March 2018, the 12th National Peoples Congress walked for five years. For five years●●△, in the long river in history▲◆, it is only a moment△▲▼, but in the history of the development of the peoples congress▽▼☆…, it is very important▷□. For these five years, from the advancement of the Constitution to the development of civil law, the number of legislation is more▲◆○◁, the weight is heavy◆●, the rhythm is fast, the effect is good●◆○; these five years, improved and improved supervision methods□□=, both dare to supervise and be good at supervision☆▼▷•, tracking the results, one grabbing For five years, the people have called◇…●•, I have something to deepen and expand the representative work. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of Chi!

The 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center March 11 (Sunday) At about 17△★:30, a press conference was held at the Press Release Office of the Peoples Hall of the Peoples Hall, inviting the 13th National Peoples Congress to the Secretariat of the Secretariat, head of the group, national Director of the Law of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress, Shen Chun Yao, deputy head of the Act Group▽○○, Zheng Shuna, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, answered the question of Chinese and foreign reporters on the ▪•▼=”Constitution Amendment”. The following is a text record▽…: US National Public Broadcasting Station Reporter: There is a view that the Chinese Communist Party should act within the framework of the law. Therefore, the party constitution should obey the constitution, so, the president is not a presidents candidate from the Constitution◇-▼-, but The term of office of the partys general secretary should write into the party constitution, what kind of comments do you have? Shen Sheng Yao▼▷=◁: Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, Xi J.

Original title•=: Central Committee Department held the second issue of network people theoretical seminar, March 18th to 24th, the second phase of the second phase of the central government is held in Beijing Central Socialist College◇●, from 52 network representatives from all over the country People participated in learning exchanges. It is understood that this seminar is a central leader of the Central Council for the implementation of the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking and the partys 19th National Spirit■▪, specializing in the theoretical seminar organized by the network representative▪○△◆, aiming to guide the network representative to grasp the new era. Development opportunities, enhance the ▲●”four awareness■▪◇•”, strengthen ★▽”four confidence”, actively promote the main melody, cultivate new ideas, and promote new development of network strong countries▪☆=. During the seminar, the central party history research office, the Central News Network Office and other departments of the responsible comrades and exper.

China Xinwang reported on the US Chinese network, local time on the 27th, former US President Turf popularity, before private lawyers•☆, Julian Ni requested a federal judge to reject the lawsuits accused of inciting the violation of the Capitol. Data Map: On January 6, local time This lawsuit was filed by Democratic Congress, Ben Ni Thompson and other 10 House Democrats, accused Trump and Julian Ni on January 6th at the rally near the Congress, inciting Trumps supporters Launch violen protein energy drink industry report collagen peptides from bovine soft capsule gelatin trade!