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Pectin manufacturer ejemplos de proteinas recombinantes en la industria farmaceutica china gelatine,[protein industries supercluster]Original title◆■■: The fastest in history! This company IPO “lightning▼△” will pass, a 300 billion super giant is no plasma protein industry collagen for hair●▷! The Securities Regulatory Commission issued a newspaper on the 8th that Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. was approved. According to Fujikang, the company is a communication network equipment•△□, cloud service equipment, precision tools and industrial robots professional design and manufacturing service providers, mainly engaged in design, research, development, manufacturing and sales of various electronic equipment products, depend on industrial Internet is the world=◆. Well-known customers provide intelligent manufacturing and technology services solutions. From the submission of the prospectus to the end, 36 days of IPO audit is ▼●★▲”the fastest history◁★○”, super giant Macon Foxconn is about to land A shares. The fastest IPO Foxconn Share IPO ◆•▲=”Lightning” schedu★☆=▷.

China Xinwang■▽, May 26 (Reporter Zhang Yuan) reporter learned from the Xixian New District•○, Ji Xi New City◁○◁, learned that the wisdom reading of the Government Service Center of the West New Town officially opened, marking the first “urban study” officially used in the new city Nearly thousands of exquisite books▷▪☆, new wisdom reading experience, let it become a new city to read punch★=. “City Study” is located in 2 floors of the Government Service Center, No☆◁■▽. 5 Economic Gardeue, the Headquarters Economic Garden, Xincheng◇▲▷▼, covers an area of ​​about 100 square meters. It is divided into paper book reading area, 24-hour wisdom borrowing area, digital audio-visual reading area▷▪●■, online reading experience There are 4 major functional districts in the district, with nearly 1,000 books, literature, history, economy and other books, equipped with intelligent borrowers, electronic viewe.

Original title☆●☆: Xiongan: I have to focus on the next generation of industrial directions in the next generation of industrial directions: I have to focus on the next generation of industrial directions – Interview with Academician, Beijing-Tianjin Commonwealth Development Expert Advisory Committee, Deputy President △•”Hebei Xiongan New District Plan” announced, a high-level high-quality modern model city unveiled veil★▲○☆. As the city of innovation, how will the Xiongan Industry layout? How to achieve high quality development? Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering•▲…△, the depth participation in Xiongan Plan, and the deputy director of the Beijing-Tianjin Jiexian Development Expert Advisory Committee. On April 7-★, the reporter interviewed the academician of He Hezhen at the Chinese Academy of Engineering…▲. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yu Qiongyuan came to ask▪★▪■: The planned plan is clearly related to the development of the Xiongan industry is the high-end high-tech industry, a.