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[pig skin gelatin]Zhongxin Net Changzhou May 26th (Chen Jiaying Xia Bing Tang Juan) On May 26th, the ▪▽-“Fishing◆◁” integrated project of the full-electric digital fishing ground in Changzhou Jintan District, Jiangsu Province is officially connected to the operation•★. The photovoltaic battery board is established on the water●•▪•, and the fish and shrimp crab underwater, and a pool is used. This is the production and operation of China Net Changzhou Power Supply Company in “value-added electricity”, driving energy efficiency utilization=◁•●, and driving the successful exploration of high levels of related industrial chains. The photovoltaic battery board is established on the water, and the fish and shrimp crab underwater◁△▲, and a pool is used. Chen Jiaying learned that the crab should be grown in the 16-28 ° C environment★★◇, this transformation combines fisheries and photovoltaic power generation together, and the photovoltaic board can be connecte?

China News Agency, Beijing May 28th, China: ▷▪▲”Birthday Gifts” for the United Nations is called this name? In the Hall of New York, the United Nations Headquarters, the United Nations Headquarters in the New York, a grand ceremonial artwork for Chinese traditional culture – ☆▷”Respect” as the exquisite artwork of the prototype is permanently displayed in the appear position●◆. This is China to commemorate the •○●◁”birthday gift” for commemorating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, namely •▷○▷”Peace△☆-“. ◆○●”Respect•=•” to take the righteousness of “respect▪=”, with ◇○•▪”Respect”, express Chinas respect and support to the United Nations●◇■▼, namely ▽■◁”peace”, Chinas “Shanghe” concept contains it■=. “Peace” passes China and the Chinese people to seek peace◆■●◆, seek development, promote cooperation, and win-w!

Original title▷△•: Russian Fund will carry out non-US dollar transactions with China next year to start overseas network September 12■=▼□, according to Russian satellite network, 12th●▲•△, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDID) President Demetriev in the fourth The Eastern Economic Forum said that the fund program began non-US dollar transactions with China in 2019. “The first non-US dollar trading will be carried out early next year. At present, we have reached an agreement with Chinese National Development Banks, which has reached an agreement using RMB settlement.▪☆” Dmitryev said, -◆”Recently, we have started China Heilongjiang Province is transaction with RMB●▪★, which is important for the lack of large-scale non-US dollar trading. “According to Russia early report, in 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin said th collagen drink sachet skin whitening▪○● powder from gelatin!

Original title: The PLA and Armed Police Force delegation held a second plenary conference attending the 13th National Peoples Congress a meeting today held a second plenary meeting today. Members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee▽-…■, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xu Qixiang attended the meeting, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, and Vice President of the Central Military Commission. The 15 representatives surrounded the road of strong military in China, and fully deepened the reform of defense and military reforms▪◇, and vigorously promoted the training of training preparations. At the meeting, the representative of the Western Warcorn Commander Zhao Zongyi made recommendations for innovative military management. The deputy commander of the Western Affairs District and the Western Water Military Commanders warfare representatives recommended to strengthen military struggle preparation and improve the war ability○=•○. Li Xiubao, president of the PLA▲◁■, Li Xiubao, talked about the improvement of the civilian policy syste whats gelatin Pure collagen. industrial whey protein powder!

Original title: Minister of the Ministry of Education Meets with Korean Deputy Prime Minister and Municipal Ministry of Education, Jindixun Xinhua News, Seoul▲▼, March 27, March 26, Minister of Education, Minister of Education visited the Korean Ministry of Education, and the deputy Prime Minister of South Korea and the Secretary of the Ministry of Education talks□•◆•. Chen Baosheng actively evaluates the results of the education exchanges in China and South Korea. It means that both parties will strengthen communication and coordination, through the promotion of higher education policy dock●○◁★, vocational education cooperation, adolescent sports exchanges…□◇, inheriting the friendship in the Chinese and South Korea. Jin Xiangkun welcomed Chen Baosheng to visit…▼□□, said that it is willing to meet the Chinese, and join hands to further deepen education cooperation between the two countries. Subsequently, the Minister of Education witnessed the signing of the China Ministry of Education Examination Center and the Korean Education Curriculum Evaluation Institute●▪●. During the Korean period…○…, Chen Baosheng also visited Hanyang Universit…▲◇.