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[hard gelatin capsule]Original title: Guangdong Notified Central Environmental Protection Inspections•◆▼: illegal approval of the National Protected Areas November 28 to December 28, 2016, the Central Committee of the Central Committee has carried out environmental protection inspections in Guangdong Province-●◁○, and 2017 On April 23□▪, the 16 ecological environmental damage to the inspector was transferred to Guangdong Province, requiring investigation and treatment according to law. The Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to this, from the implementation of the 19th National Spirit of the Party, the General Secretary of the Communist Party is implemented to the general instructions of Guangdong□•, and the overall layout of △□=•”five integration” is coordinated to promote the ▽-“four comprehensive△=” strategy layout▷▷. The height, earnestly do a good job in problem rectification and accountability. When Hu Chunhua, secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, is currently the provincial party secretary, Li Xi, has made many instructions and dema-☆.

China New Network May 27th, according to the official WeChat news news of the Jiangmen High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, 10■◇▼■:35 on May 26■◆, the Jianghai District reported that there were people in the five or four villages in the ritual music street★▽. After receiving the report, the emergency=◇, public security, fire protection and other departments quickly came to the rescue, rescued 6 staff members in the well, and sent to the hospital for treatment. After receiving the report○•●, the main leaders of the Jianghai District Party Regional Government rushed to the scene to organize relevant departments. According to the survey, the initial cause of accidents is that six staff members in the lower day of the dredging effort, inadvertently suck in toxic gases▪○△◇, fall into the well water, causing the poisoning drowning. After 6 people were sent to the hospital, 4 of them were rescu▽•◇▪?

Original title: must see! The Ministry of Commerce issued the “Retrospect and Prospect of China Domestic Trade Development in 2017” today, the Ministry of Commerce issued the “2017 China Domestic Trade Development Retrospective and Outlook▽▼”, focusing on circulation innovation leads consumption upgrade•■, dry goods full. I want to know how my country has developed in China last year★…■? Business Micro News This will take you to see a picture△◁ About Us protein drink industry stats, gelatin bone! Source: Commercial Market Operation and Consumption Promotion Division Editor: Huo leaf gelatin capsule chart size!