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Contacts![cow bone gelatine production line]Original title: (International) A Chinese passenger killed Xinhua News Agency in Nepal Aircraft, Kathmandu, March 13 (Reporter Zhou Sheng), confirmed in the 13th of the Nepalese Embassy, ​​a Chinese citizen was killed in the Nepalese aircraft. After the Chinese Embassy learned that after the relevant report, the emergency mechanism was launched, and the first time sent people to the scene of the accident. It has been confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal that there is a Chinese citizen on this crash flight=▪☆★. The Ministry of Foreign Ministry said that Chinese citizens have already killed and express condolences. The Chinese Embassy has notified the victims of the Chinese citizens and units☆○==, will assist families to handle relevant follow-up. Nepalese local time on the afternoon of the 12th◁●, a passenger plane from the Bangladesh Capka to Kathmandu flights rushing out when Kathmandu Tri Buwan International Airpo.

Original title TATUS: Mainland, stinky tofu disputes, college students, create functions. Data map▷•: Huizhou odor tofu…★◁☆. Reference Information Network reported on March 6. The media said that every nation in the world has traditional “stinky=▼” foods, such foods in the Chinese nation are the most famous, Beijing•●◆, Nanjing, Zhejiang, Hunan◇●△, Yunnan■▼◆, Hong Kong▷▲-, Taiwan△●, etc□●. There are special practices of stinky tofu, steamed, boiled, baked○▷, fried, saga, salty▲•, spicy, have a good length, some people see it, they flee…▼◇, but many “sorrowful▷-▲◇” instruct ▪•” I smell awkward but eat incense, ○▲■”I cant wait to taste all the types. According to Taiwan, the electronic newspaper reported on March 4, Beijing people have eaten more than 300 years of historical stinky curmes, and it is said that Qing Kangxi is eight years (AD 1669), and Wang Zhihe to Beijing will try, u☆○.

The court is to hear the case▪▲▷, and the high law reported to be seen from the perspective of the Court. This years high law reported, not a years case, but five years. What is the five years? The Supreme Court accepted 82★◇▽△,383 cases, reviewing 79,692 pieces•-, rising by 60.6% and 58.8.8% respectively. Local courts accepted 8896■•.7 million cases of cases, a concluding□▲▽, and 85984,000 pieces, and the amount of closed standard was 20.2 trillion yuan▼▼◇, a year-on-year increase of 58.6%, 55-•■.6% and 144.6%. In so many cases, what is the relationship with the country-★☆…, society□=, the people? For example: In the past five years, the courts at all levels have reviewed 5.489 million pieces of criticism, and sentenced 60◆◆•-.7 million criminals…•, ensuring social stability◇▼■○, and the people live togethe○○-◇.

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