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[what is bovine hide collagen peptide]Original title: The Ministry of Environment launches “Clear Waste Action 2018-◇◆” 150 inspection teams to the Yangtze River Economic Belt▷▲, each reporter Li Wei, the editorial Chen Xing★•▷△, for many solid waste in Guangxi▪-=◁, Henan▲●=▷, Anhui and other places, The illegal metastasis of hazardous waste, the Ecological Environment Department officially launched special actions against solid waste environment illegal behavior. On May 9th, the Ministry of Environment said that in order to resolutely curb the illegal metastasis of solid waste•●, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the Yangtze River Ecological environment and the Ecological Environment Department launched the “Special Action of the Environmental Waste Environment”. •■▪” This special action starts from May 9 to the end of June▲○■☆. The Ecological Environment Department consists of 150 groups from the national exhausted law enforcement backbone, and the solid waste belt solid waste in the Yangtze River economy is dumpe!

Original title: This official reply, do you believe? Recently, netizens have shown that “Green Shengnan Lake Experimental School outside the Zigong Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau officially showed improper reply after the construction site of Green Sanhu Experimental School▲■▲◇, I hope you can take the management”●○•◁, in this, Zigong City Environmental Protection Bureau responded …▲•▪: Verified by the investigation, not the management personnel reply, is the smart message of the micro official website below the WeChat window☆▪. ▲ Net transmission “God Replies” screenshot picture Source▪○: Zigong★●.com The following is the following: Recently, some netizens have a message on the official public number of the Zigong City Environmental Protection Bureau. “Green Shengnan Lake Experimental School is dusty, I hope you can take the pipe =▼”After the improper reply is displayed, I am sincere apologize for this★●○. After investigation…☆-, the response after the netizen message is not the public number of our burea.

Original title: India: India is adjusting to Chinas policies and China “re-return to good★★■△” overseas network March 15th China Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during the two conferences, “Zhong Yinshi Dragon II dance△○▷, not Dragon As a battle; China Print 1 + 1 is not only equal to 2, more equal to 11 ★◆”, causing the attention of many Indian media◇■▪, and some Indian netizens also” beat …■”India authorities=☆■…,” Indian Prime Minister Moti and Foreign Minister Swaragi should pursue a grease. ▼•☆” India, India in the past, in the past, in the past period▪□△, in a conscious, to adjust and the relationship between China. After the tension of one year▽☆▷, the Indian government is adjusting its policies in China▼◇=•. According to the ◆▲”Stan Times” on the 15th, Wang Yi talked about the second day, 9th•◇▷, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, India, India, in Wang Y. denaturing proteins in food industry bovine hide collagen peptides vs hydrolyzed collagenContacts protein industries canada gelatin capsule automatic,