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[industrial processes that needs protein]Original title: (Economy) Traffic Cartoon Before the end of the year, I realized 220 city interconnected Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 29 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) Reporter learned from the routine press conference of the Ministry of Transport in the 29th that this year will further expand traffic card interconnection The number of intercommunications, ensuring that the interconnection of 220 cities before the end of the year△▪•, expand the application range and quantity, and gradually realize the transition of the original card to the interconnection card. Wang Jing, Wang Jing, the inspector of the transportation service service department of the Ministry of Transport, introduced in-depth investigation△△◆○, analyzing, in the basis of seeking the relevant ministries and commissions and industry opinions○△◇◁, formulating the △●▽”Transport Card Operation Service Quality Management Measures (Trial)” will be this year 4 It is formally implemented in the month of the month○•; in order to actively promote the development of traffic card mobile payment, formulate “Traffic Cartoon QR code suppo!

Original title●▷: Hong Kong Media: Do not survive womens head of Cai Ying-wen to arrow target [Global Network Comprehensive Report] Recently▪▽, the Japanese right wing group represents Fujikis first comfort womens copper statue in Taiwan, and triggered the orientation of the island. The station is not a comfortable woman from top to bottom, but also to the stinky. Taiwans “Representative▽★●▪” in Japan, Xie Changting has also become the city◆…▪○. The Hong Kong International Review Agency issued a comment on September 12 that Xie Changting has become a topic focus after the transfer of Japan in 2016. In the early days of Japan, Kansai Typhoon and Hokkaido earthquake occurred. Many travel agents were retained. They went to the Taiwan “Representative Office” to be properly responded▪-△, and the mainland embassy took the initiative to transfer the bus from Hong Kong▪◁, Macao and Taiwan. Xie Changting has been ◇◆■…”failing” by Taiwan media. Xie Changting is a Japanese yesterda■•=◆.

Zhongxin Net Zhoushan May 27 (Reporter Lin Bo) ▷○▷”Not only wants to sunshine, but also to create a creative.” This is the ■▷-▼”Green Declaration” of the New Village Party Secretary of Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. •▽□”Ask the channel, it is clear, it is the source of the source of the source.” This is the village of Tang Guangming, the party secretary of the Tuanjian Village◁★, Madi Street, Dinghai District. “The country development is imminent.▲●=▷” This is a clear aware of the secretary of the Ma Yuncun Party of Ma Yun Street…▲□☆, Lin Yu△▪☆▼, the first rule▽◆▷▷. The declaration of this group of groups was the only island culture famous city – Dinghai District, the rural memory of “head people○▷▷•”. Under the leadership of these △●◆•”head people”, the village continues to brighten the ecological signboard, escapically deve.

On the morning of April 2nd, Zhaoying East Road, Anyuan District, Pingxiang City◁△, Jiangxi Province, and some people came to the door of Jiangxi Pingxiang Energy Group Company to discharge firecrackers●▼, and the banner pulled up “big fun, grabbed Li Liangshi”. Mr. Wang in the scene told the upstream journalist, ★▪”Jiangxi coal tiger Li Liangzhi was arrested two years later, and the anti-corruption is deep, we must celebrate□•.△◁” The resume showed that the 66-year-old Li Liangshi▪◁△=, once served as Chairman of Jiangxi Pingxiang Mining Group, 2007 Ended to Jiangxi Coal Group Co.▽●★, Ltd., as the general manager, party secretary; December 24, 2014=•, Jiangxi Coal Group Correled Named Jiangxi Energy Group Company, Li Liang Shi as the general manager■…, deputy secretary of the party committee, until February 2016 retirement◆□…▷. On March 30 this year-…◇=, the Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission issued a news=★■▷: Jiangxi Provin what is fish collagen peptides for bovine gelatin water soluble separated capsules◆●…!

[Wang Yi talks about the Korean Peninsula question: calling on the United States to contact the Dialogue as soon as possible] On March 8, Wang Yi, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, said in the two conference press, now, the solving of the peninsula has finally taken an important step toward the right direction. We have fully affirmed and supported the efforts of the Korean and Korean to this. The next key is that the parties are actively echoing, forming a synergistic, together with the sempan situation to the peaceful track☆★▽, reintegrating the peninsula, reintegrating the orbit of dialogue▲…▪★. To this end, we call on all parties●▷▷○, especially the United States to make contact and dialogue as soon as possible, all parties follow the “double track” ideas, both adhere to the non-nuclear goals, and actively build a peninsula, and promote the non-nuclear process. Synchronous peers Solve all parties include the reasonable and security of North Korea. This is both a consistent position in China●★□, and it is also a combinatio•…☆.Gelatin wholesale vegetable gelatin collagen powder for cosmetic,