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[porcine gelatin meaning]Original title: “The serious damage to the global free trade system” – International public opinion criticized the United States unilaterally provoked trade disputes in China and the United States and two profits○•▼, fighting. After the US President Turpsen, the people from all walks of life in many countries in many countries in the world have expressed concerns about China-US trade friction and upgrading. They believe that the US government is stimulating a global trade war. This has made great damage to the global free trade system. The United States should abandon my behavior of my life, and China has developed a broader economic and trade mutually beneficial cooperation space. ■▽•”The trade deficit is normal, you need to solve in the existing international rule system” “The US government puts international rules as children, fundamentally harms the US political credit, and shakes the United States international status.=★” Fran.

Original title: Strictly check the super-order advance teaching to incorporate adverse institutions into the “blacklist” education and training institution? This is a topic that many students are both hot and helpless. With the increase of education and training institutions, the coverage is expanded, and more and more parents have joined the extracurricular counseling army in order to let the children “material” and secret “. But some parents have been worried about the concerns of ◇○”less teaching in class”, helplessly choose “small class•▷●…” to make up. The 19th National Congress of the Party pointed out that the construction of a strong country is the basic project of the great revival of the Chinese nation▪▲●△, and the education needs must be placed in priority to accelerate the education of education, and have a satisfactory education. As a ring in education•▷◇, how to regulate the education and training market-▼○, which has triggered a lot of attention to representatives of the National Peoples Congress▷◇▪▲. They suggest•…▪, stri.

Original title•■◇◆: Another group of △•”inner ghosts▼○◆◁” is a big ghosts and drove ghosts, the final source: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News · View “Tiger” has fallen, flies have landed◆◆. The anti-corruption sword, the sword is like a rainbow◁△△. The so-called ◆◁…▷”ironing is still hard”. At the same time, the Commission for Discipline Inspection has never stopped “catching” action while ○□”tiger shooting fly•=”. Todays …◇”Guangzhou Daily◆■■” reported that from January 2017, in March 2018, Guangdong investigated 170 discipline supervision cadres-•◁▪. Yesterday◇◇▲, there is news that 66 people in Guizhou have treated the discipline inspection and supervision cadres this year-△…▽. A batch of batch of ghosts were pulled out, explaining the discipline inspection and supervision department to clean the portal, and strictly guard against the “black◁◇☆” work. Xiaobian Shuo Xiaobian was discovered, despite the ghosts of “inner ghost☆=”, one of the discipline inspection supervision departme.

Original title: The relevant unit of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspector is correct: Shen to the first line randomly check for the implementation of the 19th National Congress of the Party and General Secretary Xi Jinping recent a series of important instructions in the correction of ◇○★”four winds” work•●▷, according to ninety-nine The deployment of the Second Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The supervision▷○, inspection and research, understanding, discovering problems, unleash the strong signal of the central eight-provision spirit, promoting all units of all regions to quickly act quickly◆-, staring at New Years Day, Spring Festival holiday◇•, strengthen supervision and inspection, Further consolidation of expansion of the eight national regulations. Si?

Original title: Liangshan State Target: At the end of this year, Wuhu ensures successful creation of national 5A scenic spots recently, Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture held a Class A scenic spot creation work meeting, summarizing the creation of the whole state scenic spot, and arranges the deployment to create a target task. The meeting clearly creates the goal: At the end of this year, Wuhu ensures successfully created a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot; the His Mountain started 5A creation and completed resource reviews within the year…●; the meeting is the site, Su Nihai seizes the provinces red tourism construction year. Opportunity, ensuring successfully created 4A scenic spots; Zhaojue Valley Clee strongently 4A scenic spots; he will be drain, and East Old Junfeng starts 4A creation work. Wuhu Status Successfully created 9 years of national 4A Scenic Spots, the popularity and reputation of Wuhu Scenic Area have been further improved. In 2016, the scenic spot received 890,000 tourist?