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Gelatin capsule![gelatin vs gelatine]Original title: This is Chinas highest to fight military command, release three strong signals plant protein industry value! At 11 oclock last night, you slept=•, the Peoples Liberation Army also played “Taiwan independence” in the southeast coast pb leiner usa application of protein engineering in food industry▲▼ organic gelatin suppliers! This should be the highest military exercise in China so far. Almost live broadcast. At the beginning, CCTV played the relevant screen, and many live scenes of the live attack. In the video, the helicopter of the armed helicopter is slightly skullped, with a missile and rocket to implement a number of goals such as sea floating target and analog ship▽=. It should be the lens mounted on the helicopter, so that we see the scenes of the rocket and missile launch very close to the missile•□. This exercise has been carried late from the evening. After 23○••◆:00 pm, as the last helicopter landed, the shot drill in the sea was successfully completed. according △=.

On March 22nd, another “World Water Day”. The commemorative day is designed to call on countries around the world to pay attention to water resources and evoke the publics consciousness. On the eve of the ▼■”World Water Day•☆”, Wang Jianhua, director of the Water Resources Office▽•, China Water Resources and Hydropower Science, admitted to the reporter of Science and Technology Daily◁◁…, in recent years, has increased rapid increase in rice planting area in Northeast my country, resulting in surge in water demand◁◆•, and has a contradiction between local regional supply and demand . “The problem of super extract in the groundwater is already in the northeast, and the development is rapid◁◆△.” In fact, in June 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Water Resources☆◇, ▼●=☆”Northeast Black Land Protection Plan” ( 2017-2030) “also pointed out that in recent years■□…, the rice area of ​​Northeast China has expanded year by year, and the groundwater is more serious. Dry farming in Northeast Chi?

Original title•=▲: Beijing 16th District and Inner Mongolia, the county of the county: Beijing Daily wrote Xu Feipeng Fan Junsheng Photography Tongjun Yesterday afternoon, Beijing and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region signed a three-year action framework agreement to deepen poverty alleviation collaboration■△◆◁, further clear future Announcement of the Homes of Homes. Since this year, Beijing Inner Mongolia poverty alleviation collaboration will increase from 10 million yuan from the original planned counties to 40 million yuan. In the future, the total number of poverty alleviation collaboration funds increased from the original plan to 2975 million yuan, than original plan. A total of 1.983 billion yuan, helping Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to help the resulted to the poverty alleviation in 2020-▲☆. Beijing Inner Mongolia has signed a comprehensive and deepening of poverty alleviation collaboration◆□■, and the central government is handed over to Beijin.