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[turner industries handbook]Original title: The child worried by the people in the Wenchuan earthquake△•◆, and how old is the character file Langzi◇○★▽, after the earthquake, 3-year-old Lang Guigang was dig up from the ruins, respecting a military ceremony to the Peoples Liberation Army, -△■○”Salmon Doll” Open◆★◁. Today, the 13-year-old Lang is collecting the clues of all parties and finds that it is the year of rescue of his liberation army. Lin Hao, the 9-year-old second-grade primary school student Lin Haoqi and returned to the ruins to rescue two students and touched many people. Lin Hao has also participated in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Now, Lin Hao is preparing the college entrance examination-◇•▪, his dream is to be an actor. Xue Yu•…, Xue Yu was rescued from the ruins, the first sentence is, “Uncle, remember to give me a happy, to be frozen△●•”•▲, he is therefore called -▲•”Coke Boy-◁○▲”. The 27-year-old Xue Wei this year is Cheng▲▽!

Original title: Two nearly 50 years of tree age cherry tree settled in Beijing workers in a cherry tree transplanted. Staff in a graft nearly 50 years old cherry tree. The staff applied to the tree roots. On March 13th, the blue-tone cherry garden located in the East Five Ring Golden Township is specially transplanted from Wuhan. Two nearly 50-year-old cherry tree●•▽●. Plant experts introduced that the transplanted cherry tree, the chest diameter reached more than 30 cm, 10 meters high, 70 meters long•◇, and the tree age was nearly 50 years. Whether it is from its volume, or the tree age is a “king of cherry blossom”…▽. It is understood that after three years of preparation◁◇-○, the Sakura Garden will be opened to the outside of March◁★◁=, and dozens of classic varieties have been transplanted in the end of March. There are more than 500 acres of area-▲. Responsible Editor: Zhang .

Original title: Chongqing Pengshui storm caused more than 20 trapped home of the fire rowboat rescue map for fire officers and soldiers to reach the flooded building. The fire department is supplied to the new network Chongqing July 5 (Shang Shihai Zhong Wei) reporter learned from the Chongqing Fire Department, in the morning of the 5th★▽, in the early morning of Chongqing□●, Qinglong Community, Hanjia Street▽◆, Qinglong Community, Qinglong Road, Qinglong Road, Qinglong Road, Qinglong Road, Qinglong Community There is water and flood disaster, about more than 20 citizens are trapped in a trapped home☆◇. After receiving the alarm, the Pengshui County Fire Brigade Command Center immediately dispatched the rescue fire truck and the impact boat◆=☆▲, 12 officers and men rushed to the scene. After the fire officers and soldiers arrived, they found that the local community police have rescued 20 people trapped by the No○…. 758 residential building in the Qinglong Community. In the subsequent site survey, the fire officers and men determined that there were 3 people in the No. 320 of Qinglong Communit. transgenic plants a production system for industrial and pharmaceutical proteins ambar protein industries ltdGelatin capsule halal gelatin candy bulk gelatin capsules,