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Contacts.[pectin food grade powder]China New Network Toronto May 26 (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) Canadian Federal Government, Andalio, the Antario announced on May 26 that it will fund millions of Canadian dollars to achieve the improvement and upgrading of the facilities of the Chinese Cultural Center in Datai. The Gabang Government will fund more than 28 million yuan in the China Cultural Center◇=△, and the Ontario governments will fund more than 2.3 million yuan=▼■. At the same time, the Chinese Cultural Center of Datai will bear more than 1.8 million yuan▪-. Relying on the above-mentioned total of nearly 7 million yuan◁▲=◇, the China Cultural Center will increase the existing service space and expand the indoor and outdoor activity area▽▲. The center will also broaden the open courtyard, transformed into new indoor and outdoor multi-function space=★◁▽, chan●★▼.

Original title: The 4th Olympic champion is the Source of the Provincial Party Committee of the Provincial Party Committee: Changan Street☆■■•, I found that the Communist Youth League Shanghais 15th representative was closed. The first plenary meeting of the fifteenth committee was then held, and the leadership team of the Municipal Party Committee was elected△•. In addition to the four team secretary, deputy secretary◇◁, the plenary session also elected a deputy secretary and three part-time deputy secretary. Changan Street▪▲, Id: CapitalNews, noticed, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Sports Bureau•◇, the group committee of the small partners, and Diving Water Olympic champion Wu Minxia, ​​is one of the three part-time deputy secretary. Wu Minxia, ​​from this, Wu Minxia became another sports star that entered the group provincial (city) committee after the “cross-border” in the Olympic Games. Previously, the figure skating winter Olympics, Shen Xue=○△, female royal family Wei Qiuy!

Original title: Civil Affairs Department: Unauthorized social organizations▪◆★, in the name of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Chinas new network May 16th, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Office of the Civil Affairs Recently released the name of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Strictly declared○■▽◆. “Statement” pointed out that so far, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has not authorized any social organization to carry out various types of cooperative projects▲-, investment financing▲▼-▪, charity charity◁★=. Data Map: Civil Affairs Fu Shan photographed the source: Visual China “Statement” said that recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will receive the people to believe in the people, reflecting social organizations to carry out some cooperation projects, investment financing, charity charity Activities, causing adverse social impacts. In this regard, the Ministry of Civil Affairs is strictly declared: so far, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has not authorized any social organizati★■▲▲. gelatin suppliers 21 cfr 1●●▲.227

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