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Contacts.[pork gelatin high bloom]China Xinwang Yichang May 27th (Dong Xiaobin) China Gas Holdings Co▼=▼•., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China-Burning) The Three Gorges Region Headquarters and Energy Equipment Manufacturing Base Project started in Wujiagang District, Yichang City…▪, Hubei Province, the project will lead and promote Hubei “Yijing Jingn□□■” urban agglomeration industry with the same chain, the strength of the effect is effectively injected□…●, and the reinvolution is helpless. Zhonghang is one of Chinas largest cross-regional integrated energy supply and service enterprises. The total investment of the China-combined Three Gorges Regional Headquarters and the Energy Equipment Manufacturing Base project is 1.2 billion yuan■□◁○, with a total area of ​​217=-.76 mu◁▼. The project is divided into two phases: the first stage planned investment of 600 million yuan◆▷, the construction of production management, dispatching, research and development, product experience display and outsi.

Yangzi Evening News, March 4●■□●, before the Spring Festival•▷, Beijing City canceled a paper ruled that many blood diseases and hospitals were in an anxiety who was looking for blood during the Spring Festival. Wu Depei▽▼, member of the National Committee of China•▲, the Department of Blood Division, the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University•☆-, is closely concerned about this incident■☆, and he suggested this two sessions: establish a national blood source distribution library to deal with blood source gap. Ischemic 尴尬 Cancel “mutual aid blood donation” Beijing existence of blood source gap ▷▼”Beijing has stopped mutual blood donation◆◁□, which caused a lot of repercussions in patients and doctors☆☆◁. According to the survey=◁▽…, Beijing Some major hospitals The proportion of platelet mutual blood donation is as high as 80%. After the broken is, the Spring Festival is coincided with a large number of people return home▲•, and the hospital has a fault▼◇…-. ▽●”Director Wu Depei told Yangz■…!

Original title: Foreign media: ★=-□”Tibet Oil Government△▼▼●” was “cold▷▼=” in India [observer network comprehensive report] “Tibet Oil Government▷◆□△” is increasingly “cold” in India. Following India, the Tibetan and Dalai Lama held a commemorative “60th Anniversary” rally in the capital, New Delhi▪•■-, the Dalai Lama visited Indian Xinsons trip was canceled▲▷●, and the “Thank India◁□●” event last Saturday also was -▷▷”arrived from New Delhi” “High Dallanala▪▼•▽, Indian high officials are also prohibited from participating in the authorities■▷▲●. According to Reuters on April 1☆•■-, “Thanks to the India■○▽” event was originally planned to be held on March 31◇•, and finally transferred to a remote small town Dallana••. According to reports□•=▲, India is trying to avoid conflict with Chinas explosions. Reuters reported screenshots According to the New York Times, Indias foreign minister Swara. protein bar industry revenue wild caught hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides

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