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[kosher collagen pills]Original title▷…▼•: China International Student Jiang Hao was shot: the suspect trial date was postponed by Davis Zhongxin◇■△●.com Information, China Exchange Network May 1 news, according to the US ▼▷”Overseas News◁•” report, 2016 US Arizona China International Student Sirred the shot, suspect Davis (HOLLY DAVIS) was held in April, and the Tribunal was originally pronounced on April 30, but the trial date was postponed until June 15 after the court☆▼▷. Jiang Hao was killed by the suspect Davis★•◇◆, and the case was killed in the Chinese community▲▽…. Davis recognized the crime of murder of the second level at the beginning of this month▼□, and the judge was originally pronounced on April 30, but the trial date was decided to postpone the trial date until June 15th. The court spokesperson said on the 30th that the reason is that the judge is not ready to pronounc.

Original title: The new party went to the land committee to protest: should be renamed “Cross-Strait Universal Committee” Review Agency reported on August 6th, the mains of the Taiwan authorities have been the East Asian Youth Games■◆○•, and the Golden Gate County Government is required to stop the two-strait waterway ceremony. Disagree with the deputy magistrate Wu Mingdu and Senior Weng Posa to Quanzhou to participate in the water ceremony. The New Party Youth Military Forest Mingzheng and Su Heng and others■■, beforewards to the Main Constitution, the land committee is called “Mainland Affairs Committee○▲”, but the three-strait exchange will be called “two sides of the Strait”–●…. The New Party Youth Military Forest Mingzheng and Su Heng and others led more than ten new party members to protest in front of the joint office building where the land committee is located▷◁=, and everyone shouted, the main committee of the main committee of the Main Committee•▲◆★, “named Mingtong□•◆▪, the Tongtong; Dont pass, you have to be new three links; a branch of the strait, crea.

Original title: 2018 National two sessions 丨 Poverty Alleviation Office Liu Yongfu-△=▽: In the past 5 years▪◇=◇, investing in more than 60,000 new Beijing newsletters (Reporter Ni Wei) how to treat grassroots poverty alleviation cadres? At the 13th National Peoples Congress, a press conference held today (March 7), Director Liu Yongfu…-◇, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council●▽, said that it has investigated more than 60,000 cases in the field of poverty alleviation and various issues. More than 80▷○■,000 people△▼•▼. Most of the grassroots cadres are hard, and the multi-grassy comrades fall in the first line of the poverty reduction, even paying lives. Liu Yongfu said that it is difficult to take off the weaknesses in China•★▪=. These regions are missing talents, do precise things□-, fighting battles●◇○, and there will be difficulties. Poverty alleviation and attack must have the strength of the figh▲-□▪?

Xinhua News Agency, China, 13th National Peoples Congress○▼, the fourth plenary meeting, issued a decision on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congress, and decided to establish 10 special committees. These 10 specialized committees are: National Committee, Constitution, and Law Commission▲★■, Monitoring and Judicial Committee□▼☆, Financial Economic Commission, Education Science and Culture and Health Council, Foreign Affairs Committee=▪▼■, Overseas Chinese Committee, Agricultural and Rural Commission, Social Construction Committee The special committees consisted of a number of director members, deputy director members, and a number of members. According to the Regulations of the National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress of China The National Peoples Congress needs to review the draft supervision law during the General Assembly, and the National Peoples Congress Financial Economic Commission needs during the General Assembl=◆☆●?

Original title: When “” “encountered” grandmother ●•”(row and thinking)” Peoples Daily ▷-=”(June 28, 2018) Recently□……, Shanghai Primary School Chinese Texture Book▼▪▷▽” Bowl “is all in the article,” Grandma “is all Changed to “”, triggering public opinion hot discussion. The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has repeatedly stated that the word “” in this article was restored to the term ▪-“grandmother” in the original text◁◇=, and at the same time safeguard the authors rights▷•□. “Liu Wujiajin enters the Great View…☆△” “Wuhu Bay□•○” -•◆▪.…☆▪.○□…▲. know it is a meaning, but it sounds away●○☆△. Because …■=”Liu Wei◇◁” and ▽△●”Wuhu Bay■•-” such as ▼…▲”Wuhu Bay”◆□, people are already familiar. More importantly, “grandmother■▷” and “”, now there is no obstacle in communication and communication▲◁, even if the primary school students are unclear, they will gradually gradually in the future growt! collagen powder packaging what is leaf gelatinAbout Us.

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