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[industrial scale production of proteins]Original title: 2018 National Two Seans 丨 National Peoples Congress represents far-sanctual red●◇: It is recommended to legislate to prevent the use of antibiotics from the aquaculture•★•, the antibiotics have become a worldwide problem, in this respect, this, the 13th National Peoples Congress During the period▲◇, the National Peoples Congress representative●◁•■, the Deputy Director of the Guangxi Water Resources and Electric Power Survey and Design Institute, the legislation prohibits preventive use of antibiotics◆★. =■▽”my country is the largest antibiotic production and use in the world, and is also a hitting of antibiotics and bacterial resistance▼▽.□…•” Agricultural and health red proposes, antibiotics abuse, especially in the field of animal husbandry△•○□. At present, animal husbandry farmers will generally add forage antibiotics to feed as health care products to promote growth, in all kinds of meat products☆★□, often inspect antibiotic residues in dairy products▼☆●◁, “this leads to super fi■▽.

China News Agency Guiyang May 27th (Reporter Zhang Wei) Hold in Guiyang on the 26th meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress of Guizhou Province▲=☆□. The meeting vote passed the relevant appointment case☆==, and decided to appoint Guo Xiwen to deputy Governor of Guizhou Provincial Peoples Government. Guo Xiwen◁☆…●, male, Han nationality▷◆, born in January 1968▷▷••, Fujian Fu Qing people, participated in the work in August 1991, joined the Chinese Communist Party in July 1991▽◁□▪, graduate degree, student graduate degree, masters degree in economics◆●●★, master management, professor level senior engineer. Since August 1991, Guo Xiwen has served in the Trade Information Office of China Shipbuilding Industry Comprehensive Technology-●, China Ship Industry Economic Research Center, China Shipbuilding Gr.

Original title: Guangdong Notified Central Environmental Protection Inspections: illegal approval of the National Protected Areas November 28 to December 28▪=, 2016▲◆-□, the Central Committee of the Central Committee has carried out environmental protection inspections in Guangdong Province◁-, and 2017 On April 23, the 16 ecological environmental damage to the inspector was transferred to Guangdong Province, requiring investigation and treatment according to law. The Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to this•▲-◇, from the implementation of the 19th National Spirit of the Party▼•, the General Secretary of the Communist Party is implemented to the general instructions of Guangdong, and the overall layout of •■▲◁”five integration○★▼” is coordinated to promote the ■◇▪”four comprehensive●□▪=” strategy layout. The height, earnestly do a good job in problem rectification and accountability. When Hu Chunhua◇▽, secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, is currently the provincial party secretary, Li Xi, has made many instructions and dema★◆!

Original title●■…☆: Wake up transparancy hard empty capsule! Can I have this union benefits▷▲◇◁? Some cadres are subject to party discipline! The majority of cadres workers can enjoy normal benefits according to the regulations. At the end of last year, the China National Federation of Trade Unions developed the “Administrative Measures for Based Trade Union Fund Report△▼◆”, which made clear provisions on the expenses of trade union funds for service workers. But recently, some party members and cadres are disclosed by party disciplines due to welfare issues◇◆◆○. Lets learn more about with Workers Jun (ID▲•○: Grrbwx). Event○★▽: Jiangxi has a single cash issued “wage” in July 2017, Jiangxi Fuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, carried out special supervision of the national provisions of the Central Committee. The Discipline Inspection team found that a salary distribution of 7•◇○,000 yuan in 2016 was found in the accounts of the SME Service Center in Fuzhou Cit.

Original title◁•: The eight provinces and cities along the canal are gathered in Beijing to promote the construction of the Grand Canal culture with the construction of the Central News Network Social Social Work Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department□◇■△, Beijing Net Information Office, Tianjin Network Information Office, Hebei Provincial Netition Office, Shandong Netition Office, Henan Net Letter, Jiangsu Provincial Network Information Office○★◆•, Anhui Network Information Office, Zhejiang Net Letter Office, Capital Internet Association hosted by the Eight Provincial City Dasheng Cultural Zone Construction Network The letter promotion will be held in Beijing☆▽▼△. Qianlong Net Beijing March 27th news by the Central News Network Social Work Bureau, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department○=▪, Beijing Net Letter, Tianjin Net News Office, Hebei Net Information Office, Shandong Netition Office▪■, Henan Provincial Netition Office, Jiangsu Provincial Network Information Office▲•■★, Anhui Network Information Office■…•=, Zhejiang Net Letter Office, Capital Internet Association…○, hosted by the Eight Provincial Ci protein bar industry statistics unflavored gelatin powder price industrial protein for feed!Pectin manufacturer.