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About Us![protein engineering applications in industrial biotechnology]The direction decides the road=◆•, the road decides the destiny (the peoples point of view) – The Chinese Communist Party has a hundred years of brilliant inner logic 3 Peoples Daily, the Breakfast Review of the Breakfast Ages■△…★, which has a hundred years of brilliant achievements◁◁, only socialism can save China★▽○□, only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China, only Adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics to achieve the Chinese nations great rejuvenation, no matter how hard☆◇★…, can only rely on himself; the road to China, the view◇●, it is necessary to unswervingly go to the near future◁•○, aerospace sector ◁=: China Space Station Day and core cabin launched successfully◇…•, the “space construction” of Chinas space station handed over perfect first stick; Tian Qianyi detector successfully landed on land fire stars, took my sta.

Original title: Many government officials in Xian have the words …☆◆★”shop small two” and other words, entrepreneurs: very touched ▽◆■”Xian in memory is a famous cultural ancient capital, after 10 years, I came to Xian again◁▷▲, I feel strong in Xian. Vitality▲=, it is amazed●◁▪. “Chen Guorong, Chairman and President of the China Tourism Hotel Industry Association□◇•, Chen Guorong, said in an interview with a reporter last night…●. “This time I came to Xian, I feel that the Xian urban pattern is even more atmospheric, and the plan is more leveling. The citys order is in order, and the attitude of urban manager is also very rigorous•◁◇☆.-▽■” Chen Guorong said that he was touched that when the exchange of business cards, the famous “shop small two” “Golden Medal Merchants” was printed on the business card, which made himself ●…▪■”. This made him very surprised. “I have been doing tourism in 30 years, I have been self-proclaime.

Original title: Oriental Economic Forum Media Forum•■◁: A hot discussion of a piece of soap “A small soap in the hotel, let me feel the huge potential of China and Russias economic and trade cooperation.▷☆▲▽” 12th morning, in Russia Vladivosto On the Oriental Economic Forum Media Sub-forum☆▼•○, the Chinese Central Radio and Television True Taiwan, and the discussion of participants have caused participants. China Central Radio and Television Head, Chang Shenhai, in the media sub-forum, said Shen Xiong from him to a soap in the bathroom of university city hotel last night. He said that small soaps in the bathroom are very rough, regardless of packaging or quality, but actually from France. Listen to Russias peers, those shampoo shower gels are still from Poland. ▲■◇”To know, the straight line distance of Paris to Vladivostok is more than 10,0.

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