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[industrial scale protein purification]In order to improve the customer service experience-▷-★, create a “temperature insurance”, on May 27th, Ping An Life Insurance launched the “Old Guest Enjoyment◆△☆, Intimate Service▽☆” 527 customers enjoy activities, free to provide healthy equity services for about 2 million customers, Let the old customers enjoy the full health cycle to enjoy the rights and interests of ◁☆”health, sub-health, small diseases, slow disease•▷==, disease” five scenes◆△, create ☆…▪”health and care, sub-health is urged□•□, small disease has accompanying▼☆◇▼, slow disease , The major illness has a special sense of warming service experience▽□. In recent years, the national insurance consciousness has continued to increase-▪▼, and the needs of supporting health services other than simple insurance products have become more and more•☆▽. In order to solve the customer inquiries, ha.

Original title□•◆: News! The Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress decided to appoint the Secretary-General of the Provincial Government and the principal responsible person of the Provincial Government on March 31☆▲◁■, the second meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee held a second plenary meeting•□, the meeting passed the vote▪•, decided: Chen Xinyi Zhejiang Province Secretary-General of the Peoples Government; Meng Gang is director of the Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province; Zhang Geng is director of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission△△○□; Guo Huayuan is a long■▲△; Gigang is responsible for the Hall of Zhejiang Science and Technology Department; Director of the Zhejiang Provincial National Religious Commission; Wang Shuangquan, served as the director of the Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province-■; Wang Jianhou was long; Maipei was a director of the Justice Department of Zhejiang Province; Xu Yuing was a long; Wang Wen sequence (female ) Ren Zhejiang Human Resourc.

Original title: 130■△,000 frozen embryos nearly 40% of “no master” test tube baby technology brings hope for many infertility families, statistics show that there are currently 350,000 newborns in the world through test tube baby The way is born. However, many families have used this medical technology, but because of the causes, forget the frozen embryos that sleep in the hospital, they do not renew the storage costs, and it is not clear that they can be destroyed☆-, let the hospital caught in an embarrassment□■•. The staff of the reproductive hospitals affiliated to Shandong University is insertion embryos in the frozen embryonic. The current situation of the hospital for the longest preservation time has been 20 years. “The incidence of infertility is relatively high, about 12% -13% of the incidence of infertility.” Shandong University Affiliated Reproductive Hospital Sun Mei sa collagen fish collagen peptides protein in food industry Contacts protein pharmaceutical industry in ten years! fish collagen peptide powder manufacturers!