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[how can page protein by used in the industry]Original title☆△★▷: The reorganization can then start unity and will be better to Chongqing will be better-•. The 13th National Peoples Congress■◁…, a meeting, the Chongqing delegation group, the opening day, the reporter asked the real record, on the afternoon of March 6, Chongqing delegation The resident held group open day event and continued to review the governments work report. After the review, Chen Min■☆, the National Peoples Congress, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee••○, deputy secretary of the National Peoples Congress▲▷△, Municipal Party Committee★▽, the Mayor Tang Liangzhi, the National Peoples Congress□•, the Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee▲▪=☆, the Standing Vice Mayor Wu Cuirong, the National Peoples Congress, the Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Fu I answered questions from the reporter. Xinhua News Agency▪◁◇: The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is proposed to build a modern economic system is the strategic goal of my countrys development▷▲. Chongqing has a faster economic growth in these years. Excuse me○●, the next step in promoting high quality development, building a modern econo.

Zhang Chunxian resume Zhang Chunxian, male, Han nationality□●, born in May 1953, Henan Yucheng, in December 1970, in November 1973, join the Chinese Communist Party, Harbin Institute of Technology, graduate, in-service graduate degree◇■▼■, management Masters degree, senior engineer. He is currently a member of the 19th National Central Committee▲△▽•, and the vice chairman of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee◁◆. 1970 – 1975 PLA Bayiji Nine Two Soldiers 1975 – 1976…▲…, Henan Province, Zhigong Community, Dongguan Brigade★▲◁-, 1976-1980•★◆, Northeast Heavy Machinery▷◆, Machinery Manufacturing, Forging Process and Equipment Professional Learning 1980-1982★•, Third Machinery Industry Department of Fifteen Federations○●, Part 1 Factory•▷▷, 1982-1985, Mechanic▲•◆.

Original title◁…☆: Sheng Ya Nong application retired in advance-▽□, no longer served as the deputy secretary-general of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference-●●, deputy secretary-general of the Chongqing Municipal Committee (March 27, 2018▷○, China Chongqing Fifth Commission Standing Committee) The second meeting passed) Because I applied for an early retirement, Comrade Sheng Ya Nong no longer served as deputy secretary-general of the Chongqing Municipal Political Consultative Conference. Sheng Ya Nong Information Tu Sheng Yayong resume Sheng Ya Nong, female, Han nationality, born in May 1965, Chongqing Fengdu County, the Communist Party of China, MBA graduate students. 1982.09–1986.07 Chongqing Teachers College Chinese Professional Learning, Bachelor of Literature, 1986-△•△.07–1987.07 Sichuan Chongqing Shapingba District Geleshan Township Party Office Cadre 1.

China News News Agency, May 28th, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has submitted the first written statement on the 28th to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Solution Committee, pointing out that the US implementation of the source of origin of Hong Kong goods■•◆…, except for unreasonable Discriminant to Hong Kongs original product goods, also violated a number of World Trade Agreements, including the “Property Standard Rules Agreement□●☆” and “Technical Trade Barriers Agreement” and “Tariff and Trade Tariff 1994″◇◆◆▪. Qiu Tenghua, director of the Hong Kong SAR Government Business and Economic Development Bureau, said that Hong Kongs unique position has been widely recognized and respected by the international community▽○◆▼, and the economic and trade status enjoyed is the same as other World Trade. US implementation with discrimination and injusti.