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[hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptide]China International Broadcasting Station reporter★■•=: I would like to ask Hu Xiaoyai◁△=, first congratulations to the Holidays…▪☆▽. This year…■▲, the Premier Government Work Report is proposed to expand international production capacity cooperation and optimize the external investment structure☆●▲●. Ask us to introduce us, whether the ◁▲◁”transcript” we have achieved last year is enough in foreign investment and international capacity cooperation☆●■? What kind of work will we focus on this year, promote the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern□…■…? Thank you▲▷□. Hu Xiaoyai: Thank you for your holiday greetings as a representative of women-▼…◆. Indeed◁▪▽, as a member of the Womens Political Consultative Conference, I am proud to participate in the participation of the CPPCC. This problem you mentioned▼■★★, first, in 2017, it has achieved huge achievements in the opening, international capacity cooperation and construction of an open econom.

Xinhua News Agency☆▽, Hefei May 28th■▲, I•★: Wounded, Escape ..□△▼. What happened to the zoo in the accident? Xinhua News Agency, “China Network” reporter Shui Chen Zhu Qing recently, Anhui, Henan and other places have taken place to bite the feeder incident, let the zoo safety topic becomes a hot point of public opinion. The cage of entertainment and watching▽◇◆, how is it endangered by life and public safety? Frequent escape is animal love freedom or management “fence” broken hole? Run run! Injury and injury grass fed pasture raised bovine collagen peptides! The zoo frequently occurred in three days of three days, 2 zoo animals were killed◆▼, which triggered netizens. On the morning of May 25•▼■, a family of Danjiang Peacock Valley, Shangji Town▲•-, Sichuan County▪=◁, Henan Province was feeding tig■●.

Original title: Speed plant protein industry value•-! The fate of the 4 million cars in Beijing will change this△=●☆. Source…•★●: WeChat public account “Beijing Daily fair” “The electric bicycle of the license plate number XXXXXX, you were fined XXX yuan due to retrograde” “, in the near future Perhaps it will become a reality. A few days ago□▽▷, the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress was reviewed for the “Regulations on Non-Motor Vehicle Management (Draft)” in Beijing. The “Regulations◇▽▪•” made a special provision of various electric bicycles for the complaints of all parties: after registration, they will be listed on the road△▼. This means that electric bicycles will have a license as a car, and this long-term governance blind zone has finally have their own norms. Lift the electric bike=•-, I am afraid that many people are a belly▷△▲. There is it in the motor lane, there is it○★★□, chaos on the sidewa◁●.

On May 30▽□=•, 2016◆●▽, General Secretary Xi Jinping published a speech entitled “Struggling▲•▽-” in the National Science and Technology Strong State, China Association, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the Ninth National Congress of the National Science and Technology Innovation Conference●★=●, the Ninth National Congress of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology. The 4000 representatives gathered together●□, groups of gatherings□△, less salty▼◇, and discuss national science and technology innovation. Nowadays, 5 years have passed, under the ○•◆…”mobilization order••” of the General Secretary, China, from the “Spring to Science▷▷” to “Spring”, △…•★”to” occupy a place -□▲◁”to□□” become an important influence technology “..△★●. We innovative melody is getting more and more embarrassed. Li Siguang said: ◆•”The existence of science relies on its new discoveries, if there is no new discovery◆○☆◇, departme◆• Pectin manufacturer. high gelatin foods gelatin capsules price!

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Chen Hang) Beijing intends to fully solicit the representatives of the Peoples Congress and the Peoples Representative Liaison Station through the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress representatives (hereinafter referred to as “home, station▼☆◁”) platform Advice suggests the advice of the Regulations (Draft) “(Draft Bill)▼◆□▼. The Bill requires the establishment of a full process handling mechanism▽…•△, including comprehensive complaints, classification disposal, precision form★◁○, limited time handling=▽☆◆, return visit evaluation, etc. This is what the reporter comes from representative “home, station” platform on the 28th. Around the 27th of the Tenth Session of the Fifteenth Session of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National Peoples Congress of the Tenth May▷△◇●, the Bill of the Bi◆★•.