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[customized gelatin capsules]Original title-=○▲: Induction of the ambassador, put the cave, the stamp is touched: Chinas mechanism of repair “” In the sensitive area of ​​the Chinese-Indian border•-, no party should go to change the status quo, change the status ■●-“, try to cause similar caves The situation of the conflict reproduction … The Chinese army changed the situation of the cave☆•○, so the Indian army responded .•▷.. “On March 24th•=▷, the Indian Ambassador to China was interviewed by” Nanhua Morning Post “in Hong Kong▽☆★▼. At the time, I expressed tough position and I was completely buckled on the Chinese head last year▷■◇•. However, the Indian media seems to be some “disappearance•△=” for their own ambassador. ▲▲•”India Times” directly poured the basin “cold water▽◆□=”◁▽: compared to the Indian ambassador rushed to China•◆◇, the maintenance road project in the Dongliang area was significant. However, anoth.

Original title: Chinese Embassy in Nepal▲◁: Nepal, a passenger plane, rushing out of the runway, and there is no Chinese citizen. Beijing News (Reporter Pan Jiao) today (March 12), the Beijing News reporter from the Chinese Democracy in Nepal in Nepal The Embassy Embassy in the Republic was informed that a passenger plane, Kathmandu Tri Biki International Airport, rushed out of the runway▲△▲, and the airport was closed. The Embassy staff said that some people were injured in the accident★…=, and there were Chinese citizens on the machine. According to local media Kathmandu Post, an aircraft from Us-Bangla took an accident when landing and crashed on the east side of Terry Barban International Airport. The news shows that there is a smoke in the airport runway▼▷-=. According to BBC report★▲, there are 67 passengers on the machine and some people are injured. tod-◁◇☆.

Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28th (Hasboyl Liu Bin) For the distribution of zero resources in the jurisdiction, the base of the population of the pastoral area is large, the region is wide□…, and the illegal pirate mining mining mining, theft of herdsmen●•▪, and the like. The Ministry of Mongol Autonomous County◆□, Gansu Niuquan City, recently opened the drone to carry out air security inspections, and fully construct the stereo patrol prevention and control model combined with the “Sky + Ground▲◆★▷”◆-◇, escorting the peoples safety. Sunbei County, located on the east of the West End of Hexi Corridor, Hexi, Gansu, is both border counties, and the largest national autonomous county in Gansu. Here is a variety of terrain landforms such as glaciers, snow mountains, rivers☆=, wetlands, grassland, canyon.

Original title: 5 Before the Beijing Director of the Branch Office, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was forwarded the status of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, informing the disciplinary review and monitoring of Liu Fenghai, the original party group of the Liaoning Provincial Administration, Director Liu Fenghai□□▷. Liu Fenghai has been “double” and transferred the judicial organ. According to the supervision committee of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Liu Fenghai is suspected of accepting bribes and abuse of power. After investigation, Liu Fenghai seriously violated the partys political discipline, against the organization review…-; violating the spirit of the central provisions◇▽▼◆, violating the private corporate banquet◁●▷, super standard rental week turn, violation of gifts, illegal gifts▲△; violation of organizational discipline, not Rarely report personal matters; violation of integrity discipline, violation of profit activities; violation of work discipline▪▼▪■, violation of the rules and housing, violation of land; violating life discipline-•◇◁. Utilize your positi.

Chinas new network client May 28 (Reporter Xing Rui) Beijing launched “7 days cold static■…•” in the fitness card has been nearly two months●◆. After visiting, the reporter learned that as the provisions of the “Beijing Sports Fitness Industry Prepaid Service Contract” Demonstration Text, 7 days of cold and static implementation does not have mandatory, and some gym has not introduced in operation▪★◇◇. The launch of the contract demonstration text is to reduce the consumer dispute arising from the customer and the gym. Although the demonstration text is only guided documents, consumers can consult the contract terms when signing a fitness contract with the merchant, or require the merchant to set “7 days cold static…○…★”△▷. [Editor: Tian Boqu★▲△.