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[gelatin powder mixer]Xinhua News Agency, Beijing=▪◇, May 27, the State Council held a conversation on the 27th, said that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council reviewed “In 2021 Perfection Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill” marks the improvement of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election System Local legislation work is fully completed△▪▷. This is another major institutional results of Hong Kong, changing the disorder▪■●◆, will open a new chapter in Hong Kongs good governance. The spokesman said that the local legislation is perfecting the Hong Kong election system, which will block the vulnerability of the original electoral system, which is conducive to the end of the electoral chaos that have emerged. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is based on the National Peoples Congresss decision and the newly revised basic law accessories of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congres-□■.

Original title: Xu Jianwen, deputy director of Qingyuan, was investigated, and the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Committee announced that the first subject of the Chief Officer report was informed from the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, which was informed of the Supervision Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Commission□■◆. Xu Jianwen●▷◇◇, deputy director of the Committee○▪…▼, is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for disciplinary review and monitoring. Xu Jianwen was the first subject-in-one-grade cadre published after the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Committee. Xu Jianwen resume Xu Jianwen, male◇●, Han nationality, born in September 1962-=■▪, June 1992 joined the Chinese Communist Party, Party School University, Guangdong Freshman◁▽◆. In October 1978, he served as Qingyuan County Teacher●○◆■, Cadres, Deputy Mayor●=, and President. From May 1998, he served as the Standing Committee of Qingcheng District Committee◁★, the Chief Committee of the Qingyuan City, China; 20.

Original title: Yuanyuan night PM2.5 year-on-year reduction 3 into Xinjing News (Reporter Deng Qi) During the Spring Festival this year◆▲•, the new rules of fireworks and firecrackers were prohibited. In the case of the obvious deviation of atmospheric diffusion conditions, this years Lantern night PM2.5 peak It is still a year-on-year by 33.8%◁◆◁▪. Yesterday, Beijings heavy pollution continued. Today, the north wind is smashed▼=□, and overall is mild pollution. In addition…●=-, since the winter last year△☆, the precipitation in Beijing is the least year in 1951◇▷▲▽. Suburban air pollution is in the urban Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, yesterday, this years Lantern Festival night, in the case of significant deviation with diffusion conditions compared with the previous year◇=, the growth rate of PM2◇▼.5 concentration has decreased significantly○★□▼, and the peak concentration is significantly reduced. Lantern Festival night PM2■▷○◁.5 maximum small concentration is 153 micrograms / cubic meters, than 2!

Original title▲•▽: (Environment) Hebei police detected a cross-provincial series of pollution environments to verify illegal dumping dangerous waste more than 1▲★,000 tons Xinhua News Agency Shijiazhuang May 22 (Reporter Yang Fan) reporter learned from the Xingtai City Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province, local police More than 4 months, the province has cracked a series of pollution environments, and 18 of the criminal suspects, and the verified illegal dumping hazardous waste reached more than 1,000 tons◁=, and the facts of the criminal were shocked…•▼◇. The police introduced that on December 14★▪, 2017, the public security branch of Xingtai City Development Zone took a statement that some people were dumping unknown waste in staying villages. After the police rushed to the scene…◇▽■, it was found that a loader was unloading the oil barrel from the trailer○◇□. There were more than 200 oil buckets, from the oil bucket to flow out of the blue black material covered large lan▽◁★.

Original title: Ministry of Land Ministry, Ministry of Finance, issued: Land remediation of major projects implement award combination, first-built awards Land and Resources Department-▲▪, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice, decided to adjust the main project support policy for land remediation from 2018☆▷•●, promote major Engineering construction is better able to play a demonstration leading role■△△▼. The notice is clear, focusing on major engineering construction key areas, in the poor area, revolutionary old district, food row of food, frontier☆▲○●, ethnic and cultivated land reserve resources▽○△, continue to support local in-depth promotion of major project construction. In the depletion of the regeneration, it mainly supports the implementation of major projects in the poor area, the revolutionary old district and the frontier area●-○. According to the notice, implement the reform of land and resources ◁□”put in service◆▪••” reform and land remediation fund management reform requirements, and adjust the major engineering support from “first supplementation, and then built side to make up” adjustme. cow bone gelatine production line pectin gummy candyGelatin capsule.

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