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Gelatin capsule.[protein expression industry]Original title: Sourcing: Prevention of commercialization, adult and overrunning tendencies▷-▼=: Gao Jian / Beijing Daily Haikou, a minor in the Internet cafe-▪. Peoples Daily News reported on August 25th…•☆☆, the “Regulations on the Administration of Minors” (hereinafter referred to as ☆▲▷”provisions”) came in the Chinese governments legal information network. ◆▪▲▷”Provisions=□•■” proposed to prevent minor programs from developing commercialization, adultization and excessive entertainment tendency. It is forbidden to introduce the video games according to the “provisions”★•, national support, and encourage minors programs include cultivating and practicing socialist core values; promoting Chinas excellent traditional culture; guiding to establish the right world view, outlook on life; Physical and mental development rules and characteristics; protect mino!

Source: Chinas Voice Original title: The Ecological Environment Department responds to environmental volunteers to be detained: More inclusive parties have filed administrative reconsideration According to China Voice □▷◇”News” report, the recent environmental disputes in Guangdong Mao Xinyi City, triggered The public is hot◁○▪. At the first press conference after the new formation of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, there were reporters to throw problems to the ecological environmental spokesperson Liu Youbin▲▷☆△. How to evaluate Guangdong environmental volunteers Lei Pings detention incident? Eco-Environment spokesperson Liu Youbei Answer△□☆: “Environmental Society and Environmental Volunteers are the Allied Army of Ecological Environment. Many environmental social organizations and volunteers are actively involved in ecological environment, and report environmental violations. Maintaining public environmental rights according to law is an effective supplement of government power△□◆. Overa?

Original title: ▽◁■”rabies vaccine record fake”○★, there is no adverse reaction, the accountability: Guangming Daily Author: Yang Chen legal scholar, a star enterprise producing rabies vaccine, will also record fake, indeed a big fell. According to media reports, July 15◆△☆▽, the National Drug Administration issued a notice, according to the clue organization inspection team, the Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was used to conduct a flight inspection, and found that the companys freezing people used rabies vaccine production record fraud○=. Serious violations violate the behavior of “quality management of drug production”-■●. At present, the Jilin Provincial Food and Drug Administration has recovered the “Drug GMP Certificate” of Changchun Changsheng. The company also stopped the production of rabies vaccines as required, and used rabies vaccines for all batch of freezers during the validity perio? knox gelatin drug test marine gelatin

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