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[importance of protein denaturation in food industry]At the 13th National Peoples Congress●●◆, the news center held a press conference at the Multi-Film in Madia (Monday) at 15●◆:00 on March 12 (Monday), inviting Member of the 12th National Peoples Congress Finance and Economic Committee, Yin Zhongqing□……, and Texture Committee deputy Director Wu Heng◆☆, Yuan Wei, deputy director of the Environment★…-◇, Mission Committee, Zheng Dynasty▷▷, and the deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Budget Work Committee Liu Xiuwen, the Office of the Standing Committee▪–, the Office of the Standing Committee, Fu Wenjie, Fu Wenjie, the ▼◆▼▪”Peoples Congress Supervision” Chinese and foreign reporters ask questions□-●▪. The following is a text record▪◆●: Daily Economic News reporter◇○◆▼: My question is to give Mr. Yin Zhongqing. In the past five years, in development guarantees and improve peoples livelihood, what work does the National Peoples Congress Financial Committee■=? Thank you. Yin Zhongqing: Oversight the relevant departments of the State Council to implement the development of the people and improve the peoples liveliho.

Original title: What did Jin Zhengn look at the Chinese Academy of Sciences? From March 25th to 28th, he was invited by General Secretary of the Central Committee, and the President Xi Jinping, the DPRK, the Party Committee of the North Korea, and Jin Jongen, Chairman of the State Council, informal visit to China. During the visit…■◇●, Jin Zheng En visited △▲☆”the first action to move forward – the 18th National Academy of Innovation” since the 18th National Academy of Sciences. He expressed admiration for Chinas achievements in technology development and innovation, and the inscriptions were at the end of visit-★◆. The innovation exhibition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences exhibited the most significant results and breakthroughs in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in recent years-▷. In the photo, the exhibition of Kim Jongan is “Chinas Tianyue Exploration Coast”-■•, this exhibition is a 500-meter-side ball-filled telescope (FAST)☆△□, is known as China “God”. The exhibition behind Jin Zhen.

Original title▽◆★◇: “Three rural●◆◇■” veteran Chen Xiwens new role March 19 The 68-year-old Chen Xiwen has a new role. The Chinese Agricultural Office, the original Standing Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference◆□-, the new National Peoples Congress (Non-known National Peoples Congress Agricultural Committee) Director, March 19th, The 13th National Peoples Congress has passed this appointment-▷●. In the context of deepening the reform▲▪=○, the national legislative practice task is heavy, and the three rural areas are particularly prominent. Among the five-year legislative plan of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, there is a formulation and revision of the legal land occupation tax law▷◇, rural land contracting method, land management law. Born in 19=○□▽.