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Gelatin wholesale,[gelatin 230bloom]Representative of the National Peoples Congress, Zhang Guoxin (left) of the Secondary School of Jiangxi Normal University○■●△. Peoples Network Titland title: The campus bullying incident has been banned, and the representative of the NPC is reported on March 17○▲…=, in recent years, the campus bullying incident in primary and secondary schools has repeatedly contained attention◇●•. At noon on March 13th□▼, Zhang Guoxin, deputy main committee of the National Peoples Congress, deputy main committee of the National Peoples Congress▼▲□, and the Deputy Middle School of the Peoples Republic of China, and Jiangxi Normal University, Zhang Guoxin, a “Legal Daily” reporter talked about this topic. Zhang Guoxin believes that the comprehensive management of campus bullying should be strengthened△•, establish a two-level bullying governance committee to improve relevant disposal procedures□★▷▪. At the same time, it is recommended to give the education discipline to school and teachers through legislation to play anti-micro-dicing disciplinary effects. Preventi▷□▪!

Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27th (Singpeng) Chuantai Industrial Cooperation Symposium held in Chengdu on the 27th. It is reported that this symposium is one of the series of activities of the …□”Taiwan Weichang” event. In order to further deepen the economic and trade cooperation between Chuanyu Territory, build the important contracting platform in the two places in Taiwan and the shift in Taiwan, and the important gathering place in mainland China, 24th to 28th, Sichuan, Chongqing jointly organized “Taiwan Weixiang “Activities, invited Taiwan companies★•■▪, Taiqing…▼☆▼, and Taiqing, Taiqing, and Taiqing represents more than 100 people. Divide the development opportunities in Sichuan and Chongqing, and jointly prospecting the broad prospects of Sichuan Territory●☆◇. As an important growth in mainland economy•☆○-, double city economy in Cheng what is bloom gelatin industrial protein skimmer for sale collagen peptides bovine china capsule gelatin!

Original title: China GDP growth target set 6.5% foreign media△□…: unchanged in March 5, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Prime Minister Li Keqiang of the State Council made a government work report■◁△. Xinhua News Agency=◁•●, Yao Dawei●■◁▲, Overseas Network◇▷, on March 5th, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened on the morning of the Great Hall on the morning of the Peoples Gala▲★▼, and Li Keqiang reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the State Council-●=. In the report, the GDP growth targets◆◇◁, cross-strait relations and environmental issues, major foreign media worldwide also analyzed and interpreted from multiple angles…▽. GDP growth target setting 6▽•.5% are well-appreciated: Consider the current and long-distance demand State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang when he is a government work report▽▼, it is clearly expected this years developmen!

Original title: Two children need to double the bonus bonus? Fujian Minhou Weidian Bureau•◆-★: The previous provisions did not need to refund the Beijing News News (Reporter Liu Yang Intern Lu Weijing) The family who has received the only child rewards gold, if you want to have two children, you need to double the reward▲…? Today-◁□◁, Fujian Minhou County officially requested that the two childrens family refunded the only child awards●□. In the afternoon, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Minhou County Government Bureau that the last level of the child received a reply, and the bonus rewards that have been received no longer need to return. It is previously regulated. Today▷▲◁, there is a media report that a citizen of Minhou County said that he only intended to give birth to a child because of living conditions, and he received a bonus of the only child. However, after the introduction of the two childrens policies, the couple decided to have two children, but they were twice as required by the Minhou County Guar.