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[gelatin capsule purple white]Original title◇◇: The Ministry of Transport pushes a cartoon throughout the country to cover 220 city economic observation network reporter Song Di On March 29•▲, the Hong Kong level of the transportation department of the Ministry of Transport, said in the news conference held on the same day★▪▲□, traffic The Ministry of Transport will fully advance the traffic card in national, that is, the traffic cartoon with “Traffic Federation★…△” flag, can achieve interoperability all cities across the country○▷▲. ▷▽◁”National Transportation Card Interconnection◇▪▽” is a city public transportation project that the Ministry of Transport has been promoted since 2013■◆□, with other urban traffic cards, traffic card interconnection cards are marked with “traffic joint”, and build There is a national clear settlement center and the data interaction center. This project is now overwriti?

Big commodity prices have long-term factors / Hui Changchun issued on 2021▷–◁.5◆▼.31 Total No▲◆◇★. 997 “China News Weekly■•” with significant progress in new crown vaccine injection, major economies have accumulated demand energy in the past year begins to release▪■, Drive the global manufacturing recovery. Because the commodity market is more closely related to the stock market and the economy…◆-★, natural response is fast, energy○▼▷, industrial basic raw materials, metal and chemical products have risen significantly since November last year. The rapid rising material cost is largely squeezed into the profit of the middle-reachao company, which triggered concerns about inflation○△▪. At present, the market is nothing more about: some people think that the currency is too serious, this is a commodit.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, Guizhou Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Fu Xinping◇–□: Big data allows judicial fair to see the new Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang Chen Peng) Today (March 9), the National Peoples Congress Representative, Fu Xinping-○, the procurator of Guizhou Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, said on the channel of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the big data and artificial intelligence deep into the side of peoples lives◁■▲, and the Guizhou prosecution system develops related systems and application platforms, and doing service beforehand. There is a regulatory in things, and afterwards have evaluated•▲, the judicial fairness can be seen. He said that in addition to confidentiality, all data can be disclosed in the case●◆◆◁, and all people can host the case, process, handling results▪▽•●, and case cases, so that the judicial faction can be seen and touche.Contacts organic bovine gelatin industrial use of proteins,