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[china kosher gelatin powder]Original title▷△★●: The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee of the Music in Huanle, the amount involved in the case: Changan Street In March this year, Yang Guowen, member of the Wulanchaburg City Committee of Inner Mongolia■-=○. After 3 months, the double opening report shows that this person arranges relatives to eat empty, engage in emphasis, and suspected of accepting bribes▼◁, huge property sources are unknown. Changan Street, Id=◇☆: CapitalNews•▽◆▼, found that Yang Guo Wen started to go out to find a happy fun every 9▽▽★:00 every night▼★★, and the amount involved in the case□▽■, the cadres involved■…●, and the bosses involved in the case have more than 100 people▽○•. Moreover△▷-, some bosses have been talking about the task of talking, and they have dressed in red scarves▼…-, wearing red socks, even the red insole is embroidered, and the three words “step on the villain” is trying to make a clearance. Yang Guowen Yang Guowen case is the first case in investigated and punished after the establishment of the Supervision Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regio.

Original title: CCTV 3 · 15 party exposed jewelry shop was revoked business license◇•■, fine 200,000 @ 中国 商 报 March 26 news, March 15th, CCTV …△”3 · 15″ party played “jewelry store Draw■==, you have not discussed “short film, exposed Guilin City, a jewelry shop allegedly draw a scam●=☆. On the night, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Industry and Commerce Series earnestly implemented the spirit of leaders in the autonomous region, and deployed in accordance with the law to investigate and punish work. On March 22, Guilin Xiangshan District Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued the administrative punishment decision, and the business license was revoked, fined 200☆★…,000 yuan. After CCTV exposure□●, Li Bin▷◆, deputy chairman of Li Bin, who was administered by the Autonomous Region Government, immediately instructed the industrial and commercial department to seriously investigate and seriously investigate and punish. Director of the Industry and Commerce Bureau of the Autonomous Region◆■■, the Party Secretary Feng Xuejun made deployment and administrati.

China News Agency★□, May 27 (Reporter Zhou Yin) reporter learned from the China Ministry of Transport•▷, in 2020, China Transportation Industry has completed the investment of 3.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.1% over the previous year. The highest level in the year. The whole years national port completion of the cargo throughput increased by 4□▼●▽.3% over the previous year. The year was restored to 99.5% of the previous year△=△☆. Sun Wenjian◇○▼, a news spokesperson-●, said, from three aspects▽•…△, one is the main indicator continues to recover=▽, and the “V” trend of first-rise rise is presented. Traffic fixed asset investment is the first to recover▼◇•. Since May 2020, the accumulated growth rate of investment is negative, and the basic complement of the gap caused by the epidemic. Express implementati!

Original title: Fujian Provincial Committee, the Committee of the Commission□■△, the Office of the Office of the Cadre, Springs◇▷, Ningde Secretary•●△-, etc., March 23•◆▲▽, the CPC Fujian Provincial Party Committee held the Committee and the Director of the General Council. The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee presided over the meeting and speaking on the meeting◆▲. The Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee=•◆, the candidate committee participated in the meeting▼=○. The meeting voted in the meeting-■★, the Secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, Ningde Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Provincial Government Secretary-General, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Justice□▼, Provincial Environmental Protection Department, Provincial Forestry Department, Province The main person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce-●=△, etc. From the implementation of important cadres from the provincial party committee, it has recommended that the Committee of the Committee has issued a special selection and recommendation candidate for the preparation of the leading cadres in the provincial party committee. It is pointed out in Weiguo, the Committee tick. enteric-coated hollow capsules hydrolysed gelatin filtrationGelatin capsule gelatin for hard capsules manufacturing protein engineering and its applications in food industry!