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[hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides]Original title★…★: Undiscrotten mobile phone address book without agreed? Today=☆, the headline was referred to as the privacy of the invasion, the new Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) Co.▲•, Ltd. (Todays headlines) I met the court, claim 1 yuan and asked the other side to apologize. The Beijing News reporter learned today that the current Haidian Court has accepted this case. Mr•●. Lius prosecution said that todays headline is a daily active user more than 100 content information platform APP-□★, providing users with interested reading▼★. When he downloaded the app, when the “User Agreement and Privacy Terms” were read, the APP would involve “log information☆◇☆”, “device or application informatio.

Original title•★: China “Ocean Garbage” ban implements the month of US waste▪●•◇, Chengshan officials, requested to revoke September 9☆■-▲, 2011, in the Jiaojiang Port of Taizhou▪■▼★, Zhejiang Province▷▷☆, and a worker keeps the hill-like ◁…”foreign garbage”. Image Source: Visual China, in July last year, the Chinese government announced that in order to solve domestic pollution problems, it will ban 24 “foreign garbage●☆●•” from foreign countries since January 2018. At the 23rd▽△, at the 23rd, at Geneva▽•, the US representative requested China to cancel this ban. ▼•”We demand that China immediately stops implementing and modifying these measures◇…☆, complying with global waste trade standards, which is transparent, commodity recycling trade☆■, which is conducive to the environment, provides a global framework .▽•○◆.. Chinas import restrictions on recyclable goods lead to global was-▪◇▲.

Original title: (Social) 75 townships in Hunan have been hit by heavy rain, Shaoyang, etc. 202 townships suffered heavy rains, 75 townships suffered heavy rain●…=, including the city, Shaoyang City, Shaodong County△△○, etc◆•☆■. On the 19th, heavy rainfall began to attack Hunan, the Hunan Meteorological Observatory issued the first rainstorm yellow warning this year. Rainfalls come, Shaoyang◁□•▼, Loudi■☆▷, Huaihua and other places have rainstorm, and the local rain is encountered◁•▷. Bottled in rainfall, water in some parts of Shaoyang District●△•, Shaodong County, etc▲▷○=. The meteorological department is expected-▼◇, in the next three day!

Zhongxin Network Zhaohot May 28 (Reporter Uma) In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region○△◁◇, if the masses open a small restaurant below 50 square meters◇▽=▷, the past needs to run 7 departments, pay more than 30 materials, now just go to one window, Submitting a material, you can do it once; The above two cases are the embodiment of the transformation service of the Inner Mongolia government service industry, and integrate the “single matter” of the previous multi-sector to integrate the perspective of enterprises. At present◇★…▽, the government service hall at all levels of Inner Mongolia is ope. vital proteins collagen peptides fish halal edible gelatin powder Gelatin wholesale.

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