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[separated size 3 gelatin capsules]Original title○▽△: The four sessions of the four sessions of the city held the third plenary meeting Liu Zhihong, hosted Zhu Pengs elected city peoples government, the city of Yuncheng Municipal Peoples Government Mayor Zhu Peng conducted an oath☆▼◁. WeChat public account ▲▪-•”Yuncheng News Net” Map March 31=■★-, the four sessions of the four sessions of the city held the third plenary meeting. The Chairman of the President of the General Assembly held the chairman of this meeting□●, Liu Zhihong, presided over the meeting. Chairman of the Bureau, the executive chairman of this meeting, Anye, Du Zi Li, Hou Weijian-••, Guo Hong, Zhang Shoupeng, Jia Aizhen○○, Zhang Wang, Zhao Zhenguo seated in front of the chairman☆-▷▲. The meeting should attend 421 representatives, attend 407 people, in line with the statutory number▪▪. The meeting voted through the director of the ticket person▽◇, the scrutineer, the total ticket person•△◆△; the mayor of the city peoples government△★-□. In accordance with the electi?

Original title: “Give students to reduce” why affect the heart (the peoples comments), the proposed is a big question of an education reform, need more comprehensive, integrated, systematic institutional system arrangements this years government work report, one Little things have attracted many parents concerned, that is◆▽, “focus on solving the classual burden of primary and secondary school students◇…”■◇-. The central economic work conference held at the end of last year●•, which will list this problem as non-competent ▪●”peoples livelihood”. Why is this “high level” issue for primary and secondary school students? Shu Mountain is the sea, the hardship hard◁▲■▽, the educational method of the chop, is full of disease●★, in fact, the demand for reduction is also long. As early as 1955, the Ministry of Education issued the “instructions on reducing the excessive burden of primary and secondary schools”•▷◇; 1990 ☆○▲★”School hygie•▷▼.

Original title▼○●: [Learning Times] Leading cadres should use the “WeChat Group” Source◇=☆-: Times General Secretary△-: “Party and government organs and leading cadres at all levels must learn to take the mass line through the network, often interview•▪•◁, dive▼=…◆, Chat chat•■▽, send sound, understand the people thinking, collecting good ideas, actively responding to netizens concerned, rescheduled▪◁. “☆▪=▪” WeChat Group -○▷”is the netizens gather, is an alternative” mass organization “=○▲•, good use.” WeChat group “is an important way to take a good network of network mass routes•▷. Leading cadres must make good use of ●▪★”WeChat Group-☆☆•” to understand public opinion and listen to people•▽◆●. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: □▽”The people have online, the public opinion is on the Internet◇◆. Where is the people▽•▽▼, our leading cadres are going to go.” In the virtual network world△▲□•, netizens have fewer reality and reali.Pectin manufacturer jello and collagen gelatin powder for baking,