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[source gelatin pork]Original title☆○: Ecode Pollution Prevention and Law Enforcement Monitoring Ecological Environment Department Annual Budget Super Billion Periacy reporter Chen Zexiu sent from Guangzhou April 13…•▽◁, 91 central sectors have focused on 2018 budget▷■○. This is the “State Council Institutional Reform Plan▼★” adopted=○, the central department first sun budget•▲, and the central sector has been disclosed in the ninth year of the year. As the newly established department◆••, the Ecological Environment Department is based on the Original Environmental Protection Department, which has been related to the relevant duties of six sectors such as the Development and Reform Commission, Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture★○…. According to the regulations☆◇■◁, the Ecological Environment Department is still based on the original Environmental Protection Department▷☆•, involving functions and budgetary income and expenditure, and needs to be explained. Compared with last year☆△, the Ecological Environment Department expenditure budget increased by 5.038 billion yuan, reaching 12▼□•.155 billion yuan, an increase of over 7.

Original title☆◆: Realizing high-quality development inseparable from the high-level leaders of the party▼▷◁, the socialism of the party has entered the new era. my countrys economic development has also entered the new era, and the high-speed growth stage turns to high quality development phases…★★. In-depth implementation of the socialist economic thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and effectively strengthen the leadership of the party to economic work, adhere to the total tuning of work, adhere to the new development concept, and close the main contradictions in my country and improve the macro-control, strengthen the top design Creatively do a good job in the partys 19th National Spirit▲=△, leading and promoting high quality development with high level leaders▼•★. Xi Jinpings new era of socialism with socialist economic thinking●••◁, compliant in the new era of demand and the main contradiction between my countrys society, and deeply answered the basic “economic situation☆□■▼, how to do▼•▽●”▽☆, economic work.

Original title: Guizhou Provincial Party Committee•◆◁-: I transferred to Guizhou three years without encountering smog, Guizhou did not smog Sun Zhigang ■•”I transferred to Guizhou three years, did not encounter smog, Guizhou did not smog■▪◇△.▲•=•” In Ten The 3rd National Peoples Congress has an open day event, the director of the National Peoples Congress, the director of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee■◆, and the director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress, Sun Zhigang introduced Guizhou to Chinese and foreign reporters when introducing Guizhous economic and social development. Sun Zhigang said in his speech that Guizhou effectively accelerated the ecological construction in the hard truth. The forest coverage is raised to 55.3%. The water quality of the concentrated drinking water source in the province is stable at 100%, and the number of air quality above the county is stable in more than 97%, and the environmental quality is in the country. News link△▼…: he.

Original title◇◁: The eight provinces and cities along the canal are gathered in Beijing to promote the construction of the Grand Canal culture with the construction of the Central News Network Social Social Work Bureau=□, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department▷▽◆◆, Beijing Net Information Office, Tianjin Network Information Office, Hebei Provincial Netition Office, Shandong Netition Office, Henan Net Letter, Jiangsu Provincial Network Information Office, Anhui Network Information Office, Zhejiang Net Letter Office, Capital Internet Association hosted by the Eight Provincial City Dasheng Cultural Zone Construction Network The letter promotion will be held in Beijing. Qianlong Net Beijing March 27th news by the Central News Network Social Work Bureau, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department…▲■-, Beijing Net Letter, Tianjin Net News Office, Hebei Net Information Office, Shandong Netition Office, Henan Provincial Netition Office, Jiangsu Provincial Network Information Office, Anhui Network Information Office, Zhejiang Net Letter Office, Capital Internet Association, hosted by the Eight Provincial Ci! industrial bacteria protein gelatin without flavorPure collagen solgar gelatin capsules beef gelatin vs collagen peptides,