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[purenature collagen ultra]On the morning of the morning, the shooting incident in the northern city of Northern California, causing at least 8 people to die, a gunman committed suicide in the case○◁-△. The gunshots then then the San Jose, California◆-▼, who took 8 deaths and 1 injured San Jose☆★, the Santa Clara County police said that the shooting incident occurred at 6:30 local time●▷◁□, and the location is located in the San Clara Valley Transportation Administration▷●●…, a light rail facility. The police said that the gunners and a number of deceased were the staff of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. According to the Transport Authority, shooting incidents occurred in the most busy time of light rail facilities•▲. Affected by shooting incident, the light rail service is suspended at no.

Original title: Thailand shipping accident has caused 4 Chinese tourists to death shipwreck picture exposure Overseas network July 6th, on July 5△◁, on July 5, the two ships contain 127 Chinese tourists in Phuket Roll. According to CCTV news, as of now◁▲, the number of people killed in China has been 48, rescued 78 people, and the number of lost people is 45. Thai Media: When the incident, the wave high 5 meters shipping picture exposure reports statistics by ☆□▪”Bangkok Post”, and there is 105 people in the “Phoenix” of the boat●▲, including 93 passengers, 12 crew and tour guides; another There are 42 people in the Srinita, including 35 passengers☆…■, 5 crew, 1 guidelines and 1 photographer. Affected by the weather in the rainstorm◆☆, there is also a water speedboat on the same tim.

Original title: Flying to Wuhan All-Japanese Airliner Due to the oil leakage discount◁▷…, Narita Airport [Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to Japanese Community reported on August 22, the next day☆▪●, from 7□▲•★:20, Narita Airport, Japan△▼▪, to Wuhan, 937 times The flight is folded back to Narita Airport after Take off for 45 minutes. This passenger aircraft is Boeing 767=□…=. In the flight◇▽△, the instrument has insufficient oil pressure in the plane, and there is an oil leakage in the air pressure. There were no one injured 214 passengers and passengers on the machine. The passengers on the machine were then arranged to other passenger aircraft and flew at 10 oclock in the evening. Japans land transportation province said that there are three hydraulic systems on the machine, and the hydraulic system in which the hydraulic pressure in the event is located on the right side of the body★▷…, and the oil sequination is found near the pressurized pump body. (Internship compilation: Yin Chenyang review: Ma Li) Editor: H! 21st century japanese fish collagen nano peptides Gelatin for Candy

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