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[gelatin products]Original title★○…: Taking the socialist core values ​​as leading the cultivation of the new era of Chongqing Humanistic Spirit Chongqing Humanism is the “root” and ▼●▲”soul•▲◁” of Chongqing culture, is the core of Chongqing civilization. It is not only the inheritance of Chongqings excellent traditional culture, and it is also a concentrated reflection and refinement of the peoples spiritual state, ideological awareness, moral realm and humanistic personality, and fully reflecting the new requirements and reality needs of todays era. It is the core of socialism. An important support and practice platform for values▼-◇. The socialist core values ​​are leading★▼…, cultivating the new era of Chongqing humanities spirit•☆◁, significant. The good political ecology that promotes the formation of wind and purification must pay attention to the general secretary of the excellent humanistic spirit of Chongqing-▽-, “pay attention to the role of moral education◆●, the power of law and morality, rule of law and virt.

Original title…▲: Minister of Justice, Li Zhenghua and 30 lawyer circles, representatives□★, publicity☆□, implementation, implementation of the Constitution: Legal Network Yangchun March Fang Huasheng, the grass grows and joyful=◇. On the morning of March 29, the Beijing Spring Breeze and Hold◆☆○, Hey. The newly established Justice Department has just been running for a week, and is being promoted in the rapid development of the agency, and the staff is reorganized, and the work work is also in an orderly manner. At this time, Wang Junfeng, Lu Hongbing, Gaozi○△•, Xiao Shengfang▽▽◁•, Pi Jianlong, Jiang Min, Liu Zhengdong, Chen Youxi▽…•▼, Wu Recovery, Xue Jimin, etc▽●◆. The backbone and warfund of 30 lawyers in Xue Ji people were invited to the Ministry of Justice, and the Minister Fu Zhenghua, deputy The Minister of the Bear Selective Countries, together, how to better learn and promote the constitution, and implement the national and social development and promotion of the Chinese nati!

Original title: Thailand Chiang Mai traffic accident caused 9 Chinese tourists injured Xinyang News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) China Resident General in Chiang Mai released the notice on the evening of March 3, on the afternoon△□, a tourism bus is from Baixian A major traffic accident occurred on the road to Chiang Mai…=, and the vehicle lost to the roadside convenience store, causing 9 people in the car to be injured in varying degrees. It is understood that this injured tourist comes from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, etc., of which 3 are serious, but there is no life risk. After the accident, the Chinese Consulate General in Chiang Mai immediately contacted the Chiang Mai Fuku Tourism Bureau, the tourism police•△, and urgent coordination to send the wounded to the Chiang Maifu Hospital for treatment. At the same time, the Thai police and the tourism competent authorities have also urged the cause of the accident as soon as possible. In recent years▲◇◇◇, with the growth of Chinas tourism, the tourism accident has occurre.

Original title: The US has taken the so-called “Better” measures after China Saisa: rude interference internal affairs [Global Network Comprehensive Report] The Salvadors Republic has recently ★▽▲”broken”, and established with China, the US will then take a series of series The so-called ◇□”Better” measures, I hope to assist Taiwan to stabilize “Banglion▷●”, and the DPP is grateful to the US practices. At the National State Office of September 12□▽★■, at the routine press conference▽◁…, the spokesperson Afeng Mountain said that when the Global Network reporter said☆•▼, in the Sino-Saha, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been repeatedly accused. Indicates the position□★. I would like to emphasize that Sino-Saha is the correct decision of Salvador based on the interests of their own country and the people. The US speech and practices are rude to interfere with his national government=○•◇, and it is also seriously violated a Chinese policy and China and the United State▲▷◆◇? hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides nickel gelatin chemical formulaGelatin wholesale high quality gelatin red capsules protein bar industry sales,