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Pure collagen protein ingredients industry,[fish free collagen peptides]Original title•☆▽: The Civil Engineer Contract Code may be a ▽▷□▪”private lending★◆■” session, the representative committees discipline recorded that the current ●□••”contract law” is more thin, rough, and it is necessary to develop the ▷○”Civil Engineer Contract” opportunity to set up ☆■●”Folk Borrowing” session. For a long time◁…▲, by the factors such as social tradition, ideological concepts, “folk lending▷▽◆◇” has been insufficient relative to “financial loans”, and there is a “gray zone”. But in fact, folk borrowing has a deep social foundation and historical origin in my country. It is increasingly active with its convenience, low threshold, flexible lending•◇▽▽, and expensive…☆•, effectively to mitigate social financing needs☆==. With the continuous expansion of private lending and the increasingness of problems…☆…=, the private lending disputes have poured into the cour.

Original title: Interference patrol is under the eyes of the organization (Red Boat), the first round of the first round of the partys first round of the central patrol is fully launched■=, and 15 inspection teams are in 30 places, and the party organization “comprehensive medical examination”☆▲. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the role of patrolling swords has shown that the central and provincial party committees have been fully covered, and the routine inspection △○☆”comprehensive medical examination”, special inspection machine is flexible, patrol -…”look back”, it is not intended to kill a “back horse gun.★○◁” Sun Zhengcai▲△◇, Su Rong◇▼, Zhou Benshun, Wang Hao, Bai Enpe ..□□. With the sword out of the sheath, a group of “tiger◁▪■” has been picked up, and the inspection has played a strong role in stricting the party and purifying political ecology. From a few rounds of patrol•■, the sword swept, and there is also a phenomenon of interference. The former deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department-◁…, Central News Lett what is blooming gelatin!

[Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Guo Fang] June 19th to 20th, Jin Zhenghe, member of the Democratic Party Committee of North Korea, and Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea visited China. At the 19th, the Chinese Foreign Ministry routine reporter will become the hotspot asking foreign media. Is Jin Zhengyuan is not a state visit? Why did China have different past□●△, released a message in the end of the visit? The last time Jin Zhengn visited Huawei asked by the DPS, then this time is the Chinese or the DPRK▪☆•? Jin Zhengyuan is related to the United States of America? Can Jin Zhengn meet with Chinas leaders Xi Jinping? For these questions, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said, about the situation of Jin Zhengyin◁•▪, please keep pay close attention▽•●△, China will promptly release news, when it will be cle? china fish collagen peptide from bovine hide collagen peptides