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[plasma protein biotherapeutics industry]Original title◆▷△▷: Changchun Changsheng problems vaccine flow gradually identified that there are also these issues to pay attention to the Yilin Changsheng vaccine cases, and the progress of the incident will still affect people. But there are still several questions still need to pay attention, where is the unqualified vaccine flowing? What should I deal with children who are suspected of injection unqualified vaccine•◇■? What solutions have all the local disease control sectors? A circle of friends on the 22nd night, the Chinese government network released the news, the State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang made an appointment of vaccine events•=◇▷, the vaccine event broke through the moral bottom line of the people, and must give a clear and white man-made people in the country☆◆. The whole process of all vaccine production, sales▼-, etc., the whole chain is required to make a truth as soon as possible, whether it involves which companies•●▽▽, which people are resolutely punished=-■△, and never palliative. Earlier◆•□, national medicine earli.

At 17 oclock on August 2nd■▼•, after diagnosis of Chinas animal health and epidemiological center, there was a suspected African swine fever epidemic in Shenbei Street (New Town), Shenbei New District•=□□, Shenyang City, China, and on August 3rd 11 am diagnosis. After the epidemic, the agricultural rural department, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee▪◁★, the Provincial Government attaches great importance to the immediate launch of major animals (II) epidemic response, quickly forming the expert group to the epidemic area…□, guiding effort, delineates the epidemic point, the epidemic area and Because of threat zones, emergency deployment, guiding local strict implementation measures. Shenyang City, Shenbei New District strictly in accordance with the “Emergency Plan” of the African Pig Pleistic Epidemic, Pigs, disinfect and harmlessly treated against the epidemic point, disinfection, and the pigs are fully sampling of the threat zone, and fully launched Epidemiological Investigation. As of August 3, 15:0.

Xinhua News Agency▼◁▼, March 2▼●●, China Peoples Political Consultation Conference◇▽, the first meeting of the 13th National Committee, Presidential Moderator and Secretary-General (March 2, 2018) The 13th National Committee for the 13th National Committee The conference preparatory meeting passed) 1. The Bureau (325□•, sorted by surname “) in Guangzhou, in civilization, Yu Lexiang, Wan Steel (to the official party), Wan Jianmin, Ma Wei (Zhuang)▷▪•, Ma Zhengqi, horse Gifts, Ma Zhiwei (Manchu)-☆-▲, Ma Yinglin, Ma Wei · Saili Harmat (Kazakh), Wang Hong (female, Manchu)◁•, Wang Chen, Wang Xia (female)•△-, Wang Wei (female), Wang Jian, Wang Rui, Wang Road, Wang Tiange, Wang Shaojun, Wang Zhengwei (Hui), Wang Zhengrong◆▷, Wang Guangqian, Wang Weiguang, Wang Hui, Wang Shoujun, Wang Zhean▪☆■, Wang Linxu, Wang Changshu.Contacts.