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[protein food industry]Original title△◆-: (Rule of Law) Sichuan Mianyang detected a large drug trafficking case destroys cross-provincial drug trafficking channel Xinhua News Agency Chengdu June 4th electric (Reporter Wu Guang) Recently-◇□, Sichuan Mianyang Public Security Bureau successfully cracked a large-scale drug trafficking case, Destroyed a drug trafficking passage from the radiopan, Lu, Shanghai, and Ji Si provinces•○-□. At the beginning of November 2016▪★▼☆, the three major teams of the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau did not receive clues in the work – men Yang Guos long-term sale of ice in Mianyang City, frequent transactions. The investigation found that the drug trafficking is mainly from the Chongqing man Yang. Yang Yang has established a drug trafficking in Mianyang, involving more than 10 people☆◁=▽, his drug from Mianyang Women Zhao Mingli. Savings show that this is to involve the four provinces and intricate drug trafficking cases together in the country. In investigation-◆■, the police se!

Original title: The latest ae proteina industries inc email address! Adjust the standard standard standard for social security payment, your treatment will change is capsule shell gelatin halal customizable gelatin! The Tianjin Municipal Peoples Social Security Bureau issued a notice▲▪, from April 1, adjustment of the social security payment base standard▽▼■. Workers (ID: Grrbwx) Discovery, there have been more adjustment of social security payment. As a result, the treatment of employees will also be affected and together. Adjust the standard Tianjin: From April 1st, Tianjin 2018 employer and employee pay the minimum standard of urban workers basic pension, urban workers basic medical△▲□■, unemployment, work injury and birth insurance base, from last years 3159 Yuan raised to 3,364 yuan▲☆■…, the highest standard was raised from 15795 yuan last year to 16821 yuan=■◁◆. In addition, individual industrial and commercial households and flexible employees p.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, May 26, the Hong Kong SAR Government Education Bureau announced the four mid-secondary national security education curriculum framework, including Chinese historic, historical department★△■, economic and social sector. The four curriculum frameworks are recommended to arrange students to visit the Mainland. According to the China History Guoan Education Course, the overall teaching of junior high school courses includes in various historical periods, with ☆■”political evolution”, “cultural characteristics▲•◇▷” and “Hong Kong development”○◆, so that students understand Hong Kongs different history in the country The development profile of the period•=▲○, as well as interaction with the country, thus recognizing the close relationship between Hong Kong and the country. Framework suggestion from history and cultural perspectives, strengthen studen.

Original title: Rolling ship and bulk ship crashes in the waters of the Pearl River, causing bulk ships to sink, 9 people rescued on board□○☆…: China Daily Guangzhou Maritime Department Site Organization Search Search Save the maritime personnel to save the water supply personnel reporters from Guangzhou Sea search and rescue The center learned that in 1912•■□=, 2018, at the nearby waters of Saji 41, the main channel of the main channel of Zhujiangou, 2201 vehicles were loaded from Guangzhou Xindsha Port, Panama, South Korea◁●•★. The “Cherry…◆” wheel with the “Cherry” wheel and the bulk ship ◆=◁▼”Chenchang 332″ wheel from Shenzhen Fuyong to Dongguan Daozi, a collision accident caused the “Chenchang 332” ship hull to break, partially sinking◁-, “Chenchang 332” board is full of water. Transportated by Guangzhou Sea Search and Rescue Center, Guangzhou Mariti.Pure collagen native path collagen peptides,