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About Us.[industrial food vacuum packaging protein powder]Original title: US MU proposes to list the Confucius Institute as ▷□•”foreign agent” Hua Chunying: The gentleman is frank▷•▷■, and the small man is long, on March 22, the Foreign Ministry, the reporter★-, asked: Three United States The Republican Members have proposed that they will be listed as =◁□”foreign agents△★▷” in the US Confucius Institute, and they will feel extremely dissatisfied with the Chinese government◇▪▪○. Can you comment on this? Hua Chunying: The US Confucius Institute is the principle of Confucius Institute, China University and local universities△•■▼, based on the principles of Confucius Institute, and local universities, and local universities-■◁, and local universities. The purpose of Confucius Institute is to strengthen Chinas education and cultural exchange cooperation, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples. In fact, we have seen that the Confucius Institute has been warm in many countrie?

Original title: Xiao Yaqing◆△, director of the State-owned Enterprise Committee, etc▲…-. Xiao Yaqing☆▷, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission▪○▽…, and the press and spokesperson Peng Huang, answered questions about China and foreign journalists on the “state-owned enterprise reform and development★■”. live broadcast◇▷▽■, please pay attention! Moderator…▪: Dear friends=▷, everyone■★◆▪, good afternoon, welcome to participate in the 13th National Peoples Congress, a reporter meeting, the theme of this reporter will be the ○◆”state-owned enterprise reform and development”•◇. Today, we are very happy to invite Xiao Yayu▲▽, director of the State-owned Asia-Astronautics and Ascension, the State-owned Assets, and Mr. Peng Huang, the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee▪□▽, and answered the questions raised by this topi.

Original title: Australian Summit Cage ASEAN Tri Country creates a strategic alliance to deal with China☆▪◁★? [Global Times, Australian Speaker Li Feng] Australia-ASEAN Summit ended in Sydney on the 18th, which is the second summit since 2016, and the first meeting of Australias leaders in ASEAN. In addition to the Philippine President Dutter▼▽▽◁, the leaders of the other nine countries of ASEAN were all arrived▷◆□◆. The “Sydney Declaration” mentioned in the meeting refers to the South China Sea issue, and the relevant parties have called for “comprehensive implementation of the South Sea Code of Conduct★▷☆▲”, “emphasizing the importance of non-militaryization-●◇, emphasizing the need to improve mutual trust and confidence▽▷, keep restraint when carrying out activities Avoid action that may make the situation in the situation▼☆-●. ” It is reported that Australia has set up a leader to collectively meet, industry and commerce conferences, and anti-terrorism conference. wholesale fish collagen peptide granule collagen used in candy and cosmetics

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