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Gelatin wholesale bovine gelatin capsules,[gelatine capsules transparent]Original title: Sino-Petrochemical Oil Library Living Source Level 1 Reserve Sustainable Production is still difficult to shut down every reporter Li Wei▽▲●, 273 inspection teams continue to launch centralized drinking water source environmental protection in the country. Special first round of supervision. On May 28th, the Ministry of Ecological Environment informed that the water source special inspection exposure The third batch of environmental illegal issues, and the newly discovered 59 questions, including industrial enterprises, agricultural palary◇▽=, and contamination of life☆○◆. It is worth paying attention, in which there are many companies that are producing in the water source of Hubei Jinglin Water Factory, including=–▪: there is: the first-level protected area of ​​Jingzhou Sinopec Liulinzhou oil storage, is producing, not shutdown; secondary protection There is Hubei Youpeng New Material Co▼-.•◁=, Ltd. in the district▪▼◁▽, is producing••, n…△. May 26 (Peng Fuyou Dong Ning) On May 26th, the West Channel of Longbang Port, Guangxi■▷, was temporarily opened, and the acceptance of the acceptance. At the acceptance group, the port inspection site…▼, business room and related supporting facilities, etc○•.▼▷=★, listened to the provisional work of the Jingxi Municipal Peoples Government on the Provisional Open Preparation of the West Channel of Longbang Port. After discussion▽◁▼-, the acceptance team believes that the West Channel in the Longbang Port▲…, the West Channel inspection site and supporting facilities can meet the implementation of the inspection operations in each inspection unit under the interim openness. The West Channel of Longbang Port is located in the 736-1, 736-2 boundary, seamlessly docked with the Vietnamese King Port Economic Zone. It is Chinas “all the way” and Vietna?

Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 28 (Single Peng) AVIC Aviation Aerospace Base was completed in Chengdu on the 28th. It is reported that the total investment of the national spacefather base has reached 6.1 billion yuan, with a total construction area of ​​5◁□☆.815 million square meters. It is the most invested investment in the establishment of China Aviation Group. It has the largest investment in the establishment of the company, setting production aids▪●, mechanical maintenance, aviation food☆○•, air freight Four feature sections, construction and associated office, gain•▽◇, aerospace and other infrastructure. National Aerospace House Base-◇•. Anyuan passenger, the national aerospace base cabinet lobby area is 14●▲●•,290 square meters, can meet 2 air passengers A330 wide-body aircraft, 1 A320 narrow-body aircraft or two collagen type ii!

On the afternoon of March 11th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a third plenary meeting, and the vote passed the “Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China”. The picture shows many Chinese and foreign reporters in taking pictures. Economic Daily – China Economic Net reporter Li Jingcheng Title: Overseas public opinion pays attention to Chinas constitutional – Chinas stable development is expected to come to the next day, overseas public opinion is warmly concerned about the revision of the Chinese Constitution, and believes that the constitutional reflection of the Chinese Communist Party according to the development of the Communist Party of China Need to respond to the new stage of Chinas economic and social development▽…, so that the Constitution is more adapted to new situation, it is a comprehensive display and centralized expression of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese peoples road, theoretical self-confidence, institutional confidence•▽□, and cultural confidence. German legal experts believe that the Constitution should continue to adapt to the new situation as the fundamental law of the countr. mini gelatin capsules filler collagen beauty drinks