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Gelatin capsule.[empty gelatin capsules size 0 clear]Original title▽▷▪: New Defense Minister Wei Feng and the first visit■▪, why choose Russia? On the afternoon of March 29, at the Department of Defense, the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, deputy director of the Ministry of Defense•▷, the Department of Defense, the Department of Defense, released▽■◁◆: At the Russian Defense Minister Shaoji, the Belarus National Defense Minister Lavco▲□△○, the invitation, Wei Feng and the Minister of State Committee and Minister of Defense will participate in Russia to Russia and visit Russia and Belarus from April 1st to 8th■△●▽. During the visit, Wei Minister will exchange views on the further development of bilateral relations◆○…•, deepening military sectors, international and regional situations, etc. This visit will further promote the development of defense and military relations with the above countries◇▪. “Police NEWS” (WeChat ID☆=…: .

Original title: This country will reproduce the warm spring in the north to the north-●…◇, and will reproduce the warm spring China New Network…★◆. On April 7th, the continuous cold air brings great cooling, wind, sand dust to most of the country▷▪●▽. , Rain, snow, etc. According to the weather forecast, the cold air for many days will gradually returne▼…○, starting on the 7th, most parts of the country will rise from north to south●-▽◁. On April 6▽-, Shijiazhuang citizens put on a thick winter clothes★☆●▼. Zhongxin News Reporter Yu Yujia is still the wind in the northern part of the north, and the strong cold air sweeps most parts of the country from the south, and some areas are less than 20 ° C. Since the beginning of the Qingming holiday◆•…-, cold air has caused most of the northern parts of the northern part of the wind, while the southern region is in a cooling and rain shroud…★▷-. According to the central weath☆■.

Original title: Centralized three subject materials have been used for one semester, expert: The core purpose of the textbook is Lid Tree March 6th-••, Han Zhen (middle), Wang Huan (left) is a guest China Education Newspaper Journal “two sessions e copy “Studio, explore how to give play to the educational function of the Succession. Both of this article are China Education News September 1 last year△…☆▲, the Ministry of Education is engaged in public, history, moral and rule of law▲○△-, formally used in the first grade and junior high school first – grade primary and secondary schools. It is also a major initiative to implement the fundamental tasks of the Lord Tree people▷=◆▪. Currently edited three subjects to use a semester●○□, what do you have to do with the three subjects●◇? How can I better play the educational function of the three subjects? Recently, the reporter interviewed the National Teaching Committee, Moral Education Integration Expert Committee on this topi◁▷●◇.