china gelatin – Chicken collagetype II

Contacts.[protein bar industry]Original title: Anhui police sacrificed the night before the Ching Ming Festival, only 36 years old◁=▪●, April 4th, 22▲-□:20◁△, the traffic police detachment of Suzhou City Public Security Bureau□●, the high-speed brigade■◁□▷, the police, Ma Fei, in the high-speed survey traffic accident scene, was A sedan was hurt■▪•=, and the rescued was unfortunately unfortunately sacrificed, only 36 years old. Source: Yangguang■•.com Editor: Huo !

Original title: Henan: Using big data analysis and other methods, it is precise to find the top wind discipline, and the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued the △○▽”Notice on the Flames of the Storm□•★▽” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice-▼”), Strengthening the wind during the festival, strictly preventing the rebound rebound in the wind▲◁△, ensuring that the wind is clear during the holiday season. “Notice” pointed out that the recent inspection of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission has found that there are still some prominent issues in implementing the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee□☆■. Some places and units are batch to buy liquor in the name of the public. Minority party members discipline rules are indifferent, I am in my life◆▲◆, I still have a big way of doing the wedding and funeral, some to hide the organ canteen public money to eat, there is The bus is private or even private car, some office area exceeds the standar.

Covered the network of urban and rural agricultural products Basic Formation Economic Daily – China Economic Network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Feng Qi) The Peak of the Ministry of Commerce reported on the 27th that in recent years, my country has continuously strengthened the construction of agricultural production system, covering urban and rural agricultural products market network It has been basically formed. In 2020=▼△○, the number of domestic agricultural products wholesale markets reached 92 million tons★△□○, and the transaction volume reached 5.4 trillion yuan, with more than 6.7 million employees…••. A few days ago○▽▷, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce issued the ◆◆□”Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction of Agricultural Products Supply Chain System◁●-“••, clearly proposing the two-year time, accelerating the formation of more smooth agricultural products supply chain systems. The peak said that the Ministry of Commerce introduc Chicken collagen type II china gelatin collagen hydrolyzed fish gelatin marshmallows!

China News Service (Feng Zhijun Cao Mei Lin) Since the beginning of this year, the fruit of Gansu, the ▲■•▷”Chinese Duxe”, continued to broaden the “friends circle”, and 527 tons of Dunhuang red dates and grapes have been Take the table on the Philippines◆▽, Vietnam, Japan◁▽, Canada and other countries. Lanzhou Customs released the news report that the 1.6-ton red dates product from Dunhuang recently exported to the United States in Dunhuang Airport, Dunhuang Airport, Lanzhou Customs□=▼●. This is the first time in Dunhuangs red dates to enter the US market. In order to reduce the influence of the epidemic, the relationship from the source of field plants○☆, guiding corporate science planting, further enhanced the quality and safety of agricultural products in export characteristics. Dunhua.