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[pig collagen]Original title=▪: One article◁•…, I understand how the Japanese male football in China is getting rid of Chinas this World World Cup, the Japanese team is 2 to 3 records, and the popular Belgian team is not profound. As Asias only The monolith is also quite a bit of a little more interesting◁□◆◇. Since the first time in 1998, the Japanese team has never been absent from the Japanese team=☆◆, so that other Asian teams are difficult to look back. However, I dont know that in order to thismate todays glory, Japan has carried out the history of football struggle across a century. (Figure shows the Japanese team of the 2018 Russian World Cup) Football Invasive Japanese Island About the Football in Japan has several statements. Some people say that it is a football match for the British army held in Yokohama in 1866◆▲○◁; some people say that it is a foreigner from Kobe in 187.

Original title: Can the United States really understand China 5G technology? Source•▽▲●: Dahuatai News WeChat public account has been stopped in the White House in Monday on Monday○■□. The reason is that the US President Trump believes that this may threaten national security. Previously◆▪•, a secret national security committee in the United States issued a warning that opposing Qualcomm and Bo Tong, the reason is that the transaction may lead to China to more than 5G technology▲…. This year▪…●, my countrys governments work report was proposed to promote the development of “fifth generation mobile communication” industry=☆=•. According to the plan, 5G commercial use is expected to be fully implemented in 2020•▽. Enterprise Moxia is going to land, China Huawei is striving to seek cooperation with large telecom operators in Asia, America and Europe, and the competition of the worlds future 5G network. Huaw.

Original title: May 1 holiday train ticket, March 31, Source: Legal Evening News – View News Legal Evening News – View On March 31, passengers can purchase the first day of the first day of 2018 May 31st . The holiday in May 29 to May 1, 2018. According to the national railway network and telephone booking pre-sale period, from March 31, there are traveling programs can pass 12306 websites◇■, 12306 mobile clients or call 95105105 booking calls, snapped up a small number The first day of long holiday☆•=▷. The station window, the sales point, and the automatic ticket sales will be sold 2 days, the pre-sale period is 28 days•◆◁, and the passengers can purchase tickets on the spot on April 2. In addition, purchase of the ticket on May?

Original title: Delegation◇▲●△: Kindergarten security can not rely on the camera strictly put the advice of the teacher on March 16, the Minister of Education◇☆△…, Chen Baosheng in the Ministry of Education, pointed out that each child can enjoy fair and quality education “reporter meeting, 2017 In the year, my countrys aged childrens hair reached 79…◇□.6%, and there is a certain gap between 85% of the 2020 kindergarten hair in the garden. Moreover, early childhood education is unbalanced, not sufficient, facing huge challenges▽•…. There are many vulnerabilities and weak links in kindergarten•△☆, and it is urgent to solve☆★□☆. The key to cracking kindergarten is not that the camera focuses on strict the entrance of the teacher•=, recently, the Kindergarten Teacher of the Furong District Peoples Procuratorate in Changsha City★…■, Hunan Province. From January 10th to 12th, 201?Contacts hydrolyzed bovine collagen vs collagen peptides bovine bone collagen peptide powder,