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[protein industry statistics]China, Xinwang◇▷=, May 28 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) More than 150 years of history, Guangzhou “Che Yuguo Dragon Boat” due to epidemic prevention and control, this years Dragon Boat Festival continues to suspend. A micro-movie “Dragon Boat” is currently shooting in shooting, and it is expected to be on the Dragon Boat Festival. The car is built in the Tang Song Dynasty. The dragon boat event in the village has retained the traditional steps such as dragons, collect, Sail, Hidden Dragon, Dragon, which is the representative of Guangfu Longzhou Culture. In 2017, “Car Husu Village Dragon Boat” was selected as the sixth batch of non-legacy projects in Guangzhou▽▪▼★. At present…=, the car is not only retains more than 30 ancestors□★•, but the number of natural villages in Guangzhou, more than 50 passe▽•★?

Xinhua News Agency◇◆◆, March 18-▽, on the morning of the 19th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the seventh plenary meeting, decided to determine the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council•☆-▼, State Council, Minister of Affairs, Director of the Committee, the Peoples Bank of China=△◆, and the auditors, The Employment of the Secretary-General, Visit the 13th National Peoples Congress National Committee, Monitoring and Judicial Committee, Educational Science and Cultural Health Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee=◇, Overseas Chinese Committee, Environmental and Resource Protection Committee, Agriculture and Rural Commission, Director, Deputy Director of the Social Construction Committee Brand▽★, member of the members. In the afternoon, the delegation was held▪●, and the draft resolutions and the draft resolutions and the draft law will be considered, and the draft decision is recommended■△◁; convene the eleventh meeting of the Bureau◁☆●. (End) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Jian.

Zhongxin Net Hefei May 27th (Reporter Zhang Jun Zhaoqiang) Reporter learned from the Press Conference of the Anhui Provincial Peoples Procuratorate in Ji, 2017 3060 cases protected by workers and interests, accounting for more than 70%. Support prosecution means that the procuratorate believes that the behavior of civil actors violates laws and regulations★•▲▪, damages the rights of national■◆, collective or people△◆, and supports damaged units or individuals to prosecute to the peoples court◆◁, and perform a system of legal supervision duties in lawsuits. According to Tao Fang Demu•◁, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Anhui Provincial Peoples Procuratorate★△•=, in the face of migrant workers▽…=■, elderl.