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[ankur protein industries ltd changodar]Original title: illegally invading the protected area more than a thousand acres, “Circular Industry Park” becomes ◁☆■▽”pollution source”? As a national ◆□”urban mineral” demonstration base▷-•▽, what is the renewable resource circular economy demonstration zone in Ningxia Lingwu City◆•▲? Is it in the national nature reserve? Why is the largest pollution source in the “Circular Economy” hat Recently, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group has been inspected to supervise the park■△. In the past two years◁◆•, the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Committee has become “hand-made shopkeeper☆☆”. The local government hopes to re-discovery in the “Reprotice”, and ignore the rectification of central environmental inspections in 2016☆=▲. Requirements, leading to the land of protected areas that have not been exited from the park, environmental pollution is still protruding. On June 19, the inspectors learned about the situation to the staff in a car dismantling company. Xinhua News Agen?

Original title: Heilongjiang Province public examination cancels 110 positions reduced 45 merged 160 reporters from the provincial recruitment office, this year, the provincial exam hosted civil servant registration has all ended. According to the relevant provisions, there are now a total of 110 positions to cancel the plan, 45 position reduction plans, 160 position mergers. According to reports•◁★, the candidates involved in this adjustment cannot be referred to the position▪□=, and the candidates of the combined position shall be admitted to the original examination position in principle in principle•▪. If there is a special situation, it should be reasonably arranged from the employer○◇▼□, otherwise the candidate will give up the hocation. For details, you can check the civil servant examination network of Heilongjiang Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department. The reporter learned that with the written test of the provincial public examination, some training institutions in Harbin began to play publicity advertisements such as “public examination guarantee★=.▲▲=” According to the provincial peop!

Original title: United Nations 28: 1 Through Chinas human rights resolution, the United Nations left the United Nations Human Rights Board of Human Rights passed Chinas •○▪”Promotion of cooperation in the field of cooperation in the field of human rights●△=”, which is the first time in the United Nations resolution. Write a major idea to promote the construction of new international relations and build a community of human fate•▷◇▼, and only one vote is objected when the vote. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Huat Chunying said at the routine reporter in today (26th), only through dialogue and cooperation, can better promote and protect the human rights cause of all countries, and Chinas resolutions fully reflect the common desire of the international community. Helps to enhance the right to speak in terms of international human rights fields. ▲ March 23, in the Switzerland Geneva Palace=▲△, the United Nations Human Rights Council 37th sessi.

Original title: (International) Argentine President Marcie Meets Yang Xiaotu Xinhua News Agency Buenos Aires July 3 (Reporter Ni Ruijie) On July 2, President Argentina Mark Mark met with the Presidential Palace Member, Central Committee Yang Xiaotu, deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection, director of the National Operators Committee. Yang Xiaotai conveyed the cordial greetings of Xi Jinping Chairman to Marki. He said that in recent years, Chairman Xi Jinping met with Ma Keri three times, and deepened the top-level design of the China A total of strategic partnerships under the new situation, and injected strong power for the promotion of China Ah•◁▼. China is willing to implement the first consensus of the two countries and deepen the strategic cooperation between China and Aquarium. The Communist Party of China is willing to strengthen the exchange of government experience with the Republic of Argentina, and promote the development of the two parties. Marki please Yang Xiaodu convey. gelatin a valuable protein for food and pharmaceutical industries review baking gelatinAbout Us industrial whey protein isolate collagen drink sachet skin whitening!